OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream on WFMU!



OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream on WFMU will broadcast
6-10 June 2016, Noon-3pm (EST)
Playlists and archives at http://wfmu.org/playlists/UP

Noon-2pm: 10 hours of new/exclusive recordings, radio & video by 26 participants. Programmed by Vicki Bennett / People Like Us
2pm-3pm: Daily video shows live from WFMU’s Monty Hall by John Kilduff / Let’s Paint TV
PLUS! A live expanded radio event at Monty Hall, evening of 9 June 2016 with Let’s Paint TV, People Like Us & Bryce / DIFM (Do It For Me) with Pseu Braun


12.00pm DO or DIY with People Like Us Introduction
12.28pm Carlo Patrão Nothing On This Side
12.58pm DW Robertson (formerly Ergo Phizmiz) Vogue Optimised for Advertising
1.05pm Drew Daniel Extreme Music DJ Set
1.35pm DW Robertson (formerly Ergo Phizmiz) The Manchurian Candidate Optimised for Plot
1.42pm Daniel Menche Arrow vs the World
1.58pm Jim Price Jim’s Debut Show
2pm-3pm John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV – Live from Monty Hall


12.00pm Jim Price Taking Calls
12:02pm Porest The Parallel Broadcasts (Optimized for WFMU)
12.20pm Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan Optimistic Women Live Longer, Healthier Lives Than Their Pessimistic Peers
12:50pm Steinski The Optimize Gospels, from The Book of Maximization
1.05pm Brian J Davis The Trial of Richard Prince
1.20pm Irene Moon Champagne Music
1.50pm Heather Phillipson Commiserations!
2pm-3pm John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV Live from Monty Hall


9am (on both FM radio & video stream) Ken Freedman Live animated gif show
12.00pm Jim Price Let’s Talk Coins
12.02pm People Like Us All On A Beautiful
12:25pm Tim Maloney Optimised
12.40pm Busy Doing Nothing with Charlie The Better Living Show
1.10pm Jim Price The Poetry Pond
1.12pm DW Robertson (formerly Ergo Phizmiz) Watership Down Optimised for Flora and Fauna
1.30pm Gwilly Edmondez Cramped Ambitions (Optimised for Tents)
1.45pm Dan Deacon Optimized
2pm-3pm John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV Live from Monty Hall


12:00pm Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White A Thought Experiment
12.30pm Jason Willett and MC Schmidt Optimism Show
1.00pm Buttress O’Kneel Optimise or Die!
1.15pm Osymyso Sadtimism
1.30pm Nick the Bard Optimized
2pm-3pm John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV Live from Monty Hall

8pm: a live expanded radio event at Monty Hall with in-house audience: with Let’s Paint TV, People Like Us & Bryce / DIFM (Do It For Me) with Pseu Braun


12.00pm The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon At Union Square, Manhattan
12.35pm Jim Price Ticket Giveaway
12.37pm Wreck This Mess with Bart Plantenga Extyo (Extreme Yodel)
1.05pm Andrew Sharpley 1) Easy pickings for the cultural magpie from the dustbin of contemporary culture? or 2) A leisurely stroll optimism-spotting on the over-crowded boulevards of celebrity? or 3) A whistlestop tour down the backstreets of google, negotiating sharp corners requiring abrupt shifts of mental gear on a semi-functioning clutch? You decide.
1.35pm DW Robertson (formerly Ergo Phizmiz) Morton Feldman Optimized for Time 1 & 2 / Morton Feldman Optimized For Time – The King of Denmark
1.45pm Jem Finer Shortplayer #3 (4VB)
1.59pm Jim Price I’m On The Air
2pm-3pm John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV Live from Monty Hall

All shows will be accompanied by a live playlist with artist/show info, images and links, and live comments.  Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”. a series of animated GIFs depicting “optimism” using found images of water situations which will run through the week, except for: John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV, Heather Phillipson, Ken Freedman and The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon, which have their own video content.

OPTIMIZED! features specially created audio, radio shows, animated gifs and video from: Andrew Sharpley, Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan, Brian J Davis, Bryce, Busy Doing Nothing with Charlie, Buttress O’Kneel, Carlo Patrão, Dan Deacon, Daniel Menche, DIFM (Do It For Me) with Pseu Braun, Dina Kelberman, DO or DIY with People Like Us, Drew Daniel, DW Robertson (formerly Ergo Phizmiz), Gwilly Edmondez, Heather Phillipson, Irene Moon, Jason Willett & MC Schmidt, Jem Finer, Jim Price, John Kilduff / Let’s Paint TV, Ken Freedman, Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White, Nick the Bard, Osymyso, People Like Us, Peter Knight, Porest, Steinski, The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon, Tim Maloney, Wreck This Mess with Bart Plantenga. http://wfmu.org/playlists/UP

Optimized! Includes specially commissioned animated gifs by Dina Kelberman

Optimized! Includes specially commissioned animated gifs by Dina Kelberman

Made possible by WFMU and The National Endowment for the Arts



Citation City is a 42 minute audiovisual performance work which sources, collages and edits 300 major feature films where content is either filmed or set in London – creating a story within a story, of the film world, living its life, through extraordinary times of change, to see what happens when these multiple narratives are combined… what will the story tell us that one story alone could never tell?

“The result is a sweeping panorama of London, a London as represented through cinema – not the real city at all, but one that exists in the collective imagination of moviegoers throughout the decades.” Filmmaker Magazine

A time-travelling voyage through one city, assembled from hundreds of movie clips and inspired by the wanderings of Walter Benjamin. A patchwork of over 300 features either filmed or set in London, Citation City combines multiple narratives to create the story of one city in a period of enormous change. Pieced together by audiovisual artist Vicki Bennett (aka People Like Us), this beguiling, labyrinthine work takes its cue from Benjamin’s Arcades Project, an ambitious attempt to map out Paris in fragments which was cut short by the author’s death in 1940. Flatpack Film Festival

Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith in Found Footage magazine about Citation City

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Music For The Fire by People Like Us & Wobbly

Music For The Fire [2010]

The fruit of many years of work, this album began as People Like Us & Wobbly collected and collaged their way through various depictions of misfired communications and heartbreak sourced from popular culture for a series of live improvisations. Music For The Fire is a plunderphonic concept album depicting the lifespan of a relationship, as told through samples of hundreds of different songs and voices who had no idea they were all telling the same story until they were all spliced together. Originally released on CD on Illegal Art.  Thanks to UbuWeb for hosting this.

Lyric Sheet

  1. Fiction
  2. Naked Little Girl
  3. Sheep Laid Out To Dry
  4. Partner
  5. Okay
  6. Giant Love Ball Song
  7. Goodbye
  8. Woman
  9. Female Convict
  10. Pick Up
  11. Everyone Alone
  12. Hello
  13. A New Baby
  14. Fertile
  15. Bad News
  16. Understanding You
  17. Pain

WFMU Marathon 2016


Thanks!  We made it!!! – 24 March


The annual WFMU fundraising marathon is now on!  This is the time when you can pledge money to the radio station and get swag and prizes in return.  Everyone works very hard at the station to bring you interesting eclectic audio that it is hard to hear elsewhere, and the shows are archived 24/7 too, there are 13 years of People Like Us radio shows so far!

Click here to make a pledge or call 800-989-9368 if you’re in the US.

Radio Premiere on WDR: No One Is An Island by Vicki Bennett

WDR 3 Open Sounds presents : No One Is An Island by Vicki Bennett
Listen live on this link on Saturday with this pop up player on WDR 3:
(if this doesn’t make a pop up player just follow the WDR3 pop up link in the paragraph directly below)

Vicki Bennett was commissioned by WDR (German Radio) to make a 28-minute radio work called No One Is An Island.  This will premiere, alongside 3 other separate commissions (Iain Chambers, Ergo Phizmiz and Lucinda Guy) on
Saturday, April 9, 2016, 22:05 to 00:00 (Mainland Europe – that’s 21:05 UK time).
Background info http://www1.wdr.de/radio/wdr3/programm/sendungen/wdr3-open-sounds/from-britain-104.html

We will eventually put this piece online, but not yet!  So listen.

Thanks to the following for taking their time to give me their thoughts about ideas:
Ergo Phizmiz, Ava, Savanna,  Rowen, Mathilde, Lila, Andrew Sharpley, Ava, Cameron, Katja Seltmann, Rick Prelinger, Iain Chambers, Jeff Carey and Falco, Graham Duff, Kenneth Goldsmith, Charlie Lewis, Henry Lowengard, Tim Maloney, Kevin Hamilton, Akāshamitra, Dorian Jones and Lenny, Marcus Boon and Jesse, Saraka, Suddhaka and Sunayaka.

No One Is An Island
Where do ideas come from? Are they our own or are we channeling some spark from a larger flame? In this programme we examine the relationship between artists, writers, scientists and philosophers and the receiving, possession and transmission of ideas.
Culture is a complex process of sharing and signification. Meanings are exchanged, adopted, and adapted through acts of communication. The tools we use – the photocopier, camera, computer, encourage, in fact insist upon the act of cutting, copying and pasting – it is second nature. Through mimicry and repetition we learn.

Radio V&A at Victoria & Albert Museum and Resonance FM

V&A presents Friday Late : Radio V&A
Friday 26th February, 6.30-10pm FREE
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Radio V&A broadcast live on Resonance – on 104.4FM and on DAB in central London. 

Update: listen here:

The Sound of Silence by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us)
Transmitting from speakers within the bookshelves of the National Art Library
The library encourages silence, yet it is full of words.  The broadcast medium is similar – it is all around us yet we have to tune in to actually hear it.
The radio show fishes from the wide spectrum picked up when using a radio receiver, from outer space to our inner world.
There really is no such thing as silence.  Only when we begin to be quiet do we really start to hear what is going on.

Radio V&A program (pdf)