Over The Edge Archive – How Radio Isn’t Done Pt. 16

Over The Edge – How Radio Isn’t Done Pt. 16 26 January 2006 http://peoplelikeus.org/OTE_20060126_How_Radio_Isnt_Done_16.mp3 Bits from the recent Congressional hearings on indecency continue with a vengeance as Howard Stern shows some of his own. The community speaks before an FCC hearing … Continue reading

Returning to Over The Edge on KPFA

29 November/30 November 2018 midnight on Thursday going into 3am Friday morning, California time. In the UK that is 8am-11am Friday KPFA 94.1FM, online at https://kpfa.org/player?audio=live We returned to the radio to guest with Jon Leidecker (Wobbly) on Negativland’s “Over The Edge” … Continue reading