Smiling Through My Teeth CD curated by Vicki Bennett

Sonic Arts Network is proud to announce the release of our latest CD publication. Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) curates “Smiling Through My Teeth”, a compilation exploring the use of humour in music and sound art and bringing together an … Continue reading

Over The Edge Archive – Baby Is Three II

Over The Edge – Baby is Three II 10 October 2002 Guests People Like Us and Wobbly drop in for an extended cancellation concert of unexpected music, mixed, in this case, with an extensified, supercharged completion of the Sturgeon story … Continue reading

Over The Edge Archive: 2000 Announcements

Over The Edge – 2000 Announcements 13 January 2000 Edited version (by Vicki) here: 2000 Announcements on Over The Edge on KPFA We join together to mix 2000 announcements. These range from several announcements from General Injectables concerning all … Continue reading

Over The Edge Archive: Another UFO – Disclosure

Over The Edge – Another UFO – Disclosure 23 December 1999 Examples from the way the press USED to report this stuff, and numerous very convincing eyewitness reports, most by commercial airline pilots, which don’t leave much doubt that … Continue reading