Over The Edge Archive: 2000 Announcements

Over The Edge – 2000 Announcements
13 January 2000

http://peoplelikeus.org/OTE_20000113_2000_Announcements.mp3 (full)
Edited version (by Vicki) here:

We join together to mix 2000 announcements. These range from several announcements from General Injectables concerning all their current mergers, to fractured and re-edited public service announcements of all kinds. Dr. Harold Camping and Dave Emory take some calls, Michael Jackson protests his innocence, Bob and Ray awards to past programming, celebrity tooth decay for kids, know your W.W.II planes, Jack In The Box is now safe and wholesome, the need for pep pills, and about 1995 more announcements, along with ever constant cut-ups of the musical variety. Hot stuff. Run time 2h:57m:44s

In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

2000 Announcements on Over The Edge on KPFA

People Like Us, The Jet Black Hair People, Wobbly and Don Joyce
2000 Announcements on Over The Edge on KPFA – 2000

01. Woman As Sexual Criminal
02. Bright Giant Love Balls
03. Steel Pole
04. Nice Music
05. Finale
06. Credits

An edit from a 3 hour show.

In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote