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DO or DIY back on WFMU Summer 2009!

We are very pleased to announce that DO or DIY with People Like Us will return to the radio waves and internet tubes every Wednesday evening starting June 24th, right through the summer to October 7th inclusive, bringing you All Things Avant Retard.
The show will be on after the fantastic “Seven Second Delay” (with Ken and Andy) – between 7pm and 8pm NY time. That is midnight Wednesday evening in the UK.
Generally we do a live playlist and enable live commenting so do watch as well as listen if it’s not too much of a distraction from the beeauutiful music. If you live in NY/NJ you can listen on the radio at 91.1fm in New York and 90.1fm in the Hudson Valley. If you’re on the internet then listen anywhere by clicking on Live Audio Stream links at the top of

For those of you unfamiliar with People Like Us’ radio show, or indeed if you just fancy another listen, move your mouse over to the DO or DIY archives at WFMU.
We’ve also made a number of “Best of” compilations available since 2003, including these two from 2008.
DOwnloadable DO or DIY 1
DOwnloadable DO or DIY 2


Press Images

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Please credit where listed, otherwise credit People Like Us. For photographs of People Like Us with Ergo Phizmiz ONLY use these for JOINT advertisements.
Please note: the film stills are from the original QuickTime movies, and therefore the size you get them is the size that they will always be, in 72dpi resolution. If you need it to be a different dpi then do go to Photoshop and resample the image as such yourself. We have resampled some for you.
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage Live at Vintage Goodwood 2010
Genre Collage Live at Vintage Goodwood 2010
Genre Collage Live at Vintage Goodwood 2010
Genre Collage Live at Vintage Goodwood 2010
People Like Us 2010
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage 2009
Genre Collage Live 2009
Genre Collage Live 2009
Genre Collage Live 2009
People Like Us 2006
peoplelikeus-art.jpg 2005
People Like Us 2006

Trying Things Out 2007

Work, Rest & Play 2007
storywithout1.tif 2005
Story Without End 2005

ONLY use this row for People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz

The Remote Controller 2003

People Like Us art 2007
storywithout3.tif 2005
storywithout5.tif 2005
Story Without End 2005

PLU04-1.TIF 2004


People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz “Withers in the Waking” 7″

Released October 2008
on Touch (TS08)

The 8th in the series of Touch Sevens, and the first to introduce melodic narrative. Both songs are results of the WFMU podcast series “Codpaste”, in which Vicki & Ergo publicly composed a series of collage compositions, deconstructing their respective practices, and a live soundtrack to Christian Marclay’s “ScreenPlay”. The series and soundtrack resulted in the online only album “Rhapsody in Glue”, from which these two songs are alternative versions.

“Withers in the Whist” takes one of Vicki & Ergo’s current staple obsessions: the melody line of Prokofiev’s ‘Troika’ from the Lieutenant Kije soundtrack (originally used in V & E’s work during a particularly snowy sequence of the Marclay film). This treatment dispenses with sampling entirely, instead using instruments to create variations on Prokofiev’s deceptively simple melody-line, tied together with impressionistic, stream-of-consciousness lyrics. It is playing with Prokofiev like a bad child who loves it’s toys.
“In The Waking” began with Ergo replaying with multitracked guitars the main melodic motifs Vicki collaged in the composition “Carmic Waltz”, with Vicki then ornamenting the guitars with splashes of colour like a real painter of sound, all blended into a pot of carnival steam with Ergo’s wordplay. It is a fantasy for the dream the fairground has when the world is sleeping, but only takes place five minutes before the carousel wakes up
Side A: In the Waking 5:55 [Locked groove]
Side B: Withers in the Whist 4:27

UK – price including P&P: $8.50
Buy in UK
EUROPE – price including P&P: $9.50
Buy in rest of Europe
ELSEWHERE – price including P&P: $10.50
Buy in rest of world

People Like Us “On The Rooftops Of London”

Mailorder Only 2007

People Like Us “On The Rooftops of London” was a session for the final edition of BBC Radio 3’s “Mixing It”, broadcast on 9 February 2007.
This is a one track CD single – just under 20 minutes long, hence at a lower price.
Thanks to Felix Carey, Philip Tagney, Mark Russell, Robert Sandall and Ergo Phizmiz.
You can download this as an mp3 elsewhere on this site.


People Like Us “All Together Now”

Released October 2006
Mailorder Only – sold out

People Like Us proudly present 27 minutes of new songs following visits to several music libraries, and appropriating favourites from the western world into a musical pantomime.

1. Blue Bayou
2. Everyday
3. Crazy
4. Stand By Your
5. Green, Green Grass
6. I Walk The Line
7. Singin’ In The Shower

or download it at UbuWeb

People Like Us “Story Without End” DVD

Released Autumn 2005
4 Short Films by People Like Us
Design by Joerg Hartmannsgruber & People Like Us

Buy on our bandcamp page

Sonic Arts Network proudly presents a collection of short films by leading British A/V artist People Like Us, a true champion of a particularly English sense of humour. The DVD shows a journey though a multi-layered 20th Century, represented by bright eyed and enthusiastic images of the modern world, concluding with the new Sonic Arts Network commission ‘Story Without End’.

Region Free

We Edit Life
The Remote Controller
Story Without End

People Like Us “24 Hours Like Ours”

Released August 2004 (Mp3DVD001) – mailorder only

Yes, you can find a lot of this for free online, and we wholeheartedely encourage to go get it! But if you would like us to do the work for you, then here is around 24 hours of PLU, in mp3 form, on a data DVD.

This item is now deleted.  However, you can download the contents for free as a zip here.  (March 2015)

Another Kind of Humor * 1992 * LP mini album
Lowest Common Dominator * 1993 * CD album
Guide To Broadcasting * 1994 * 3 inch
Beware The Whim Reaper * 1995 * CD album
Hate People Like You * 1997 * CD album
What’s The Use – Live * 1999 * online album w/ The Jet Black Hair People/Wobbly
Hate People Like Us * 1999 * CD double remix album KZSU – Live * 2000 * w/ The Jet Black Hair People/Wobbly
Lassie House/Jumble Massive * 2000 * CD reissue of 95/96 vinyl
WhatÕs Love * 2000 * track for Love Is This compilation CD
Thermos Explorer * 2000 * CD album
A Fistful of Knuckles * 2000 * CD album
Home Roam Play/Work All Day * 2000 * 12 inch w/ Matmos
Swinglargo/Going Out Of My Town * 2000 * 7 inch
Live on Other Worlds * 2001 * ABC Radio National w/ Irene Moon & The ECC
Like * 2002 * Remix of Kamahl for Why Are People So Unkind? 3 inch CD
Preserved Cowgirl * 2002 * Remix for Tipsy Remix Party CD
The National Humm * 2002 * Remix of The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland
PLU & Friends Volume 1 * 2002 * mailorder CD album w/ V/A
There Goes Nothing * 2002 * mailorder CD album w/ Wobbly
Recyclopaedia Britannica * 2002 * CD album
Stifled Love * 2002 * LP album
Over The Edge – Live * 2002 * w/ Don Joyce and Wobbly
Tremble Peady * 2003 * Remix of Wobbly
PLU Messer Chups Remix * 2003 * for Messer Chups Crazy Price CD
John Peel Session * 2003 * BBC Radio 1
Nothing Special * 2003 * CD album w/ Kenny G
Wide Open Spaces * 2003 * w/ Matmos and Wobbly
Gongexeva * 2003 * track for Ergo Phizmiz CD
Session for Remixology on WFMU * 2003 * WFMU
When I Was Young/Downtown Once More * 2003 * 7 inch
Live on Mixing It * 2004 * BBC Radio 3
Abridged Too Far * 2004 * online album

Recyclopaedia Britannica – Selected Works 1992-2002

Released April 2002 – Mess Media (thru Soleilmoon) MESS1


“The work of People Like Us rests gingerly between two dangerous positions: on the one hand, the risk of fashioning merely stylish pastiche out of borrowed finery for the sake of self-conscious kitschiness; on the other hand, the risk of making simplistic, heavy handedly “topical” audio-jokes at the expense of one’s raw material to a smug effect. If the lounge creeps uncritically snack on their sonic ingredients and coast on being “groovy”, the cads of pseudo-critique take cheap shots at straw men and call it subversion. Happily, Vicki Bennett has yet to fall down either precipice, but yodels down contentedly from her own Alpine audio-cottage. There, with loving care, she snips and tucks at the lycra jumpsuit until the fit is snug, places every plastic shrub on the Happy Valley Ranch just so, and throws another dance record on the bonfire. Undercutting her own utopian mirages with formal breakdowns and sneaky semantic pranks, Vicki Bennett is One Funny Lady, with a deadly sense of comic timing that puts her in my personal pantheon of edit intensive music makers: -Steinski and Mass Media, Hank Shocklee, Tod Dockstader, Teo Macero, the Hanatarash, John Oswald, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock. Serving her birthday cake with a turd, her gags are always lined with a virulent creep factor. You get the feeling that the vacancy and pointlessness of empty speech is being lampooned and mourned in equal measure. In sticking to this balance of celebration and critique, People Like Us genuinely hates and loves People Like You. The least you can do is head up to the Happy Valley Ranch for a spell and have a listen.” – Drew Daniel

People Like Us “Thermos Explorer”

Released Autumn 2000 on Hot Air AIRHEAD002 (SOLD OUT)

1. Music of Your Own
2. Take a Walk
3. I’m 89
4. Snippy
5. People Like You
6. Ipanmnmna
7. Millenium Dome
8. Uh Dear
9. Cream Crackers
10. Moronically Yours
11. Sugarbeat
12. Whistle Song
13. Caciocavallo
14. Pauline
15. Kitten
16. Importance of Mistakes
17. Sardines
18. Dolphy
19. Sugar and Splice
20. Nobody Does
21. ILY
22. People Like You
23. Serenade

Buy on Bandcamp:

You can download this album at UbuWeb