People Like Us Play AV Festival 2010

Live Performance at Star and Shadow (NewcastleGateshead)
Saturday 13th March 2010

from 9:00pm until 2:00am
Vicki Bennett has co-curated an evening with AV Festival entitled

Nothing is New, Everything Is Permitted.

The title is a pun on the phrase ‘Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted’, famously quoted by William S Burroughs, who helped popularise cut-up culture. This incredible evening includes live performances by artists, musicians and poets who have creatively dissected, recycled and quoted. Including: Genre Collage the new live audio-visual set from People Like Us that collages film genres using well-known feature films; live improviser Gwilly Edmondez who uses voice, tapes, decks and samples; debut performance of Café Carbon by The Gluts (Gina Birch, Kaffe Matthews, Hayley Newman) and whirlwind wizard of the ivories Felix Kubin. With DO or DIY Radio and other visual delights.

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Other highlights of the festival that we recommend (which are separate events to the above) are appearances by Rick Prelinger, Craig Baldwin, and Kenneth Anger. Separately, we might add!

The full programme of AV Festival can be found at
Download the AV Festival programme as a pdf here
Here is a presentation from Vicki Bennett, creator of Genre Collage – at AV Festival 2010.

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AV Festival update

A last minute addition if you are at AV Festival in Newcastle – People Like Us will be speaking at today’s Recycled Film Symposium.

Another last minute addition – Craig Baldwin will be joining us to introduce in his special way Nothing Is New, Everything Is Permitted.

Here is the presentation from Vicki Bennett, creator of Genre Collage – at AV Festival 2010.

New DO or DIY Stream on WFMU!!!


It’s the beginning of the WFMU 2010 Fundraising Marathon, and to coincide with this we are very pleased to announce that People Like Us’ radio show DO or DIY is now not only a regular radio show and podcast, but we now have our own 24 HOUR DO or DIY Stream on WFMU! Yes indeed – DO or DIY is available all day, every day. 24 hours of All Things Avant Retard.

You can listen to the stream through iTunes, by clicking here
– it will download a file that you can then click on to play the stream.
You can also find the DO or DIY stream through the front page of the WFMU website, alongside the Ubu and Ichiban streams.

Also, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch we are also pleased to announce that you can listen to not only the regular WFMU stream on the move at a glorious 128k, but also all of our special streams, recent DJ show archives and DJ podcasts including all of DO or DIY!
You can download the much improved updated free WFMU app right here.

Have you ever listened to WFMU? Did you know it’s listener sponsored? Did you also know that only 3-5 per cent of regular listeners ever give anything back? Time to change that. We give a lot – if you like it please support us. 15 dollars or more and we’ll go away and get on with it again.

To listen to the stream on your computer all you need to do is open iTunes, and paste this stream address (much like you would any other stream) by going to Advanced/Open Audio stream – paste this:

Alternatively, if you just click on the link above it will do the same for you anyway by downloading you a small file that you can click on to open up the stream in iTunes.

All you need to know here!

Pledge to the WFMU Marathon!

The WFMU 2010 Marathon is here!

The WFMU marathon 2010 has begun! If you are a fan of WFMU or indeed listen to DO or DIY with People Like Us please consider pledging, since the station runs on listener sponsorship. We’re looking forward to the marathon and hope you are too! Here is the co-host schedule:

And here’s some of the marathon goodies you can get if you pledge:
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Pledge to the WFMU Marathon!