Alex Drool and Zohar “NicoTeen” Shafir on DO or DIY

Wednesday 27th July 2011 on DO or DIY with People Like Us
Alex Drool and Zohar “NicoTeen” Shafir

Alex Drool is an improviser percussionist-vocalist, and in the past decade he has established himself as one of the pivotal figures surrounding Israel’s flourishing experimental scene. He has collaborated live w/ Blood Stereo, Adam Bohman, Fritz Welch & many others. He also co-curates Primate Arena – a platform promoting out muzak in Israel alongside Eran Sachs.

Zohar “NicoTeen” Shafir is a musician and performer based in Tel Aviv. In recent years she has been performing extensively in key experimental music events in Israel and abroad. With several beautiful independent EPs released, she creates charming catchy tunes using toy synthesizers, vocal harmonies and lo-fi recording methods. She is also part of the enigmatic duo Cassexxe Vibrato.

Gwilly Edmondez on DO or DIY

Wednesday 20th July 2011 on DO or DIY with People Like Us
Gwilly Edmondez

This special mix for DO or DIY features new material from Gwilly, which continues to pursue a reckless collision of live vocals and collage improvised wherever and whenever, alongside other stuff from Felt Beak posts and recent and forthcoming Kakutopia releases.
Gwilly Edmondez is one of four artists in one person he shares with Gustav Thomas, Virginia Pipe and Copydex. He performs and records solo, as well as in Falco Subbuteo (with Val Persona) and occasionally with Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain and Radioactive Sparrow (of which he was a founder member in 1980). Gwilly comes from Bridgend in South Wales and is now based in the Northeast of England. His most recent adventure has been the anarcho-thon Felt Beak, a profligate praxis bulletin that courts the flagrantly prolific. He gave up smoking in the 90s.

Wobbly on DO or DIY

Wednesday 13th July 2011 on DO or DIY with People Like Us

On this week’s DO or DIY, it’s the turn of Jon Leidecker aka Wobbly to do a 25 minute guest DJ mix.

Since 1990 Jon Leidecker has performed appropriative collage music under the psuedonym Wobbly, aiming for extended narratives spun from spontaneous yet coherent multi-sample polyphony. This Variations podcast series at Radio Web MACBA Jon Leidecker reconstructs the history of sound appropriationism by looking at examples from 20th century composition, popular art and commercial media, and the convergence of all these trends today.

Brian Joseph Davis on DO or DIY

Brian Joseph Davis on DO or DIY with People Like Us
Wednesday 6th July 2011

On this edition of DO or DIY Brian does a guest mix “30 Shortest Tracks in my iTunes” and gives some exclusive tracks to play.

Davis worked at Blocks Recording Club for several years, then lived in the Mojave desert in 2010 where he experienced perfect, terrifying silence. Mornings included the grilling of hotdogs and deadpan announcements of “und meine Ohren sind Wunden.” Since that time he’s settled in Brooklyn and concentrated on text and writing. Recent works include adapting 300 pages of The Pentagon Papers into Star Wars fan fiction, publishing a short story collection, and running the literary magazine Joyland.
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