Over The Edge Archive – OTE in Concert

Over The Edge – OTE in Concert
8 (and 9) April 1998
https://vimeo.com/20861241 (thanks to Puzzling Evidence)

 This show occurred the night before a live performance in San Francisco in which the same people presented “OTE In Concert.” Actually a rehearsal of sorts, this show is divided into three sets – Wobbly and Wetgate play first, then PLU and Don, then all mix together for the remainder of the show. People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) comes all the way from England with a MiniDisc full of samples, Wobbly wiggles the keyboards, and Wetgate runs film loops through multiple film projectors for, in this case, audio only movies. Tellytubbies, Clowns and Ballerinas, McDonalds for girls, torture, and “fuck Lycra” are among our subjects.
Run time 3h:0m:19s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Superstars of sample People Like Us, Wobbly, and C. Elliot Friday of Negativland join forces with projectionists Wetgate to layer lightly at the Cell Space one fine spring night to discern “what’s music?”…