Christian Marclay’s Sounds of Christmas with People Like Us

Live at The Tate Modern, 18 December, as part of the Christian Marclay Exhibit) – 2004

The Sounds of Christmas is an annual project by Christian Marclay, pioneer of the experimental turntable movement and leading artist operating at the intersections of art and music. Reinventing this work-in-progress for London, the artist presented his collection of over 1,200 Christmas records as a publicly accessible archive in a special Thameside pavilion, alongside projections of the record covers and footage of previous performances. Combining blatant sentimentality with vanguard experimentation, Marclay suggests that the categories distinguishing ‘serious’ music from its opposite are both arbitrary and arcane. During the two-week installation, created live remixes of their own selection from Marclay’s Christmas records.

People Like Us perform Sounds of Christmas (live recording from desk)

Below are the raw tracks that People Like Us created from Christian Marclay’s record collection, to perform live at the event.

1. Rudolf’s Trumpet
2. Slay Bells
3. Do You Hear
4. Choich Bells
5. Fa La La La La La La
6. Holy Shit
7. Chestnuts
8. I’m Dreaming
9. I’m Dreaming Too
10. Santa Stuck
11. Jingle Bells 1
12. Jingle Bells 2
13. Santa Claus 1
14. Santa Claus 2
15. Silent Night
16. I’m…
17. I’m Backwards
18. My Favourite
19. Jingle Joy
20. Deck The Halls And Run To The Hills
21. Winter Wonderland

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