Lassie House/Jumble Massive

A joint CD on Cacioavallo – CAD9) – 2000

This was originally released as two separate EPs: “Lassie House” being a 10″ limited to 250 copies through Staalplaat in 1995; and “Jumble Massive” being an LP limited to 296 copies through Soleilmoon in 1996. Now, though, they are together and released, unlimited, through Caciocavallo. The material seems to fit together on one release nicely, with no major difference in sound between the two EPs. “Lassie House,” to some degree, has a more slapstick humor feel to it, though both conjure rememberence of 50’s UK gameshows and sitcoms, as well as children’s programs and circus tunes. Vicki Bennett is very clever with how she collages her clips and samples together, but I feel perhaps that this work lefts less on being “humourous,” per sae, and more and merely being nonsensical. The tracks are, as one EP’s title suggests, a massive jumble of cut up, repeated, morphed, and fucked sound clips from god-knows-where. A favourite hightlight is the last track, which acts as a mock self-help tape, helping “people like us” to cope with such things as sewing machines and anticipating bowel movements: you need only chant, “Come on, poo! Come on, poo! Poooo, coming! Poooo, coming!” These EPs were nicely worked for their time, but, to be honest, Vicki has since outdone herself with releases such as the Hate People Like Us remix album and her brilliant new (but not newest!) release, Thermos Explorer. Written by Daniel McKernan, November 2000,

01. T424PLU part 1
02. T424PLU part 2
03. 24T4PLU+ME part 1
04. 24T4PLU+ME part 2

01. A Crossed Line

02. Sound Escape part 1
03. Sound Escape part 2
04. Sound Escape part 3
05. Acoustic Mud
06. Bran Mash & Crushed Beans

There is an air of both humor and impending doom within the works of People Like Us. From her first release in 1991 People Like Us has created or contributed to more than 25 CDs and records as well as several collaborative releases and numerous compilation tracks. Lassie House/Jumble Massive is a mid-price reissue of two limited edition releases from Staalplaat and Soleilmoon. The name Jumble Massive describes the music perfectly. This album contains a hodge-podge mish-mash of spoken word snippets and accidental vocalization that have been skillfully edited together to make something inconceivably peculiar and wonder. There are some tracks which are more musical, but again, collage is the preferred method of creation. People Like Us have defined a new musical territory with an atmosphere primarily composed of nitrous oxide and adrenaline. Take a deep breath, but be ready to die laughing. “Lassie House” was released in the following year by Staalplaat as a 10″ picture disc, with a Bichon Frise dog printed on it in pink and blue. It featured two long hilarious spoken word pieces.
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