The The Linoleum Smooth video

We just worked on the video for the second The The single in the last month, “Linoleum Smooth To The Stockinged Foot”.

The The

The new music video for ‘Linoleum Smooth To The Stockinged Foot’ was made in conjunction with long-time collaborators: directed by Tim Pope with editing and VFX by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) and Peter Knight, with Anya Krasnikova as Director of Photography.

The lyrics for this song – which touch upon the nascent bio-security state – were written from Matt Johnson’s hospital bed, under the influence of morphine whilst recovering from a life-saving operation. As fate would have it, Johnson’s weeks in hospital had nothing to do with Covid, but occurred at precisely the time Covid reached crisis proportions, making for an even more surreal ordeal. The discordant interplay between horns and fiddle is redolent of Johnson’s hallucinogenic, surreal experience, which he tried to emulate by asking the musicians to improvise over the track, without hearing the other’s contribution, as he manipulated the sounds in real time.

‘Linoleum Smooth To The Stockinged Foot’ is unique in that it does not feature any of the core band members apart from Johnson on vocals, guitar and bass, plus guest musicians Sonya Cullingford on fiddle, Terry Edwards on horns, Gillian Glover providing backing vocals, and hand claps from percussionist Danny Cummings. Co-produced by Matt Johnson and Warne Livesey. Ensoulment will be released on 6th Sept (Cinéola / earMUSIC) and can be pre-ordered here: Ensouled world tour dates can be found here:

People Like Us perform The Library of Babel at Con-struct Festival, London

People Like Us will perform The Library of Babel at CON-STRUCT mini-festival
13 July 2024 | £12/£8 (concessions) | Pre-booking essential (limited capacity)



King Alfred Phoenix. Ivy Wood, North End Road, London NW11 7HY

Supported by The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music

Video for new The The single!

Great to see the long-awaited announcement of a new THE THE album. We made the video for the new THE THE single ‘Cognitive Dissident’ with Tim Pope 🙂

The new video for ‘Cognitive Dissident’ was made in conjunction with long-time collaborators: directed by Tim Pope with editing, VFX and projections by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) and Peter Knight.

‘Cognitive Dissident’ (written by Matt Johnson and Barrie Cadogan) is the first single from Ensoulment, the first studio album from THE THE in a quarter century.

THE THE and Tim Pope have a long, shared history working on a variety of videos and projects, including The Comeback Special film of the concert at Royal Albert Hall in 2018, the legendary Infected The Movie in 1987 – the first ever long-form video album release – the Versus The World film of the concert at Royal Albert Hall in 1990, and From Dusk ‘Til Dawn in 1993, as well as many music videos over the years including ‘Pillar Box Red’, ‘The Beat(en) Generation’, ‘Kingdom of Rain’, ‘Gravitate To Me’ etc.

Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), acclaimed video collage artist, and Peter Knight (photographer) have also long been associated with THE THE having created the videos for ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ and the ‘Stolen Moments’ GlobalEyes remix by DJ Food as well as creating the kaleidoscopic, cinematic backdrop for The Comeback Special world tour.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with my dear friends, director Tim Pope, video collage artist Vicki Bennett, and photographer Peter Knight. Our times working together are not only very creative, but also full of joyful mischief.” – Matt Johnson

Ensoulment will be released on 6th Sept (Cinéola / earMUSIC) and can be pre-ordered here –

Ensouled world tour dates can be found here –

New People Like Us album – Copia

“COPIA” by People Like Us (Cutting Hedge SNIP003)
CD & Digital Download

People Like Us, the project of artist Vicki Bennett, announces the release of “COPIA” on June 7, 2024. This album marks the first new musical material since “The Mirror” in 2018, delving into the profound realms of existential collage and sampling, celebrating these forms as expressions of timeless connectivity.

The title “COPIA,” meaning ‘abundance’ and ‘copy,’ reflects the essence of collage and sampling — art crafted not in isolation, but as a connective thread through time and space, linking ideas across generations in a seamless tapestry. By reconfiguring preexisting sounds and images, Bennett highlights the non-dual nature of creation — where distinctions between past, present, and future possibilities blur, revealing a shared foundation beneath. The album marks a return to not just solo works but collaborations with notable artists.

Drawing from the new People Like Us live AV performance, “The Library of Babel,” sampling and edited sound collage, electronic music, combined with Ergo Phizmiz’s lyrics and melodies, “COPIA” weaves and recombines a timeless blend of diverse elements that transcends traditional musical boundaries. This creative process unfolded through the exchange of multitracks across both water and ether. Collaborating with the voices, instruments and editing timelines of Matmos, Hearty White, Gwilly Edmondez, Lottie Bowater, Buttress O’Kneel, Douglas Benford, Irene Moon, Jon Leidecker, and Matt Warwick, the work evolved exquisite corpse-style. 

“COPIA” will be available on Bandcamp as both a physical CD and digital download. Accompanying the release, live performances of “The Library of Babel” will continue both in the UK and abroad in the coming months, including potential live collaborations with Ergo Phizmiz and Gwilly Edmondez.

“Bennett has proven herself an alchemist of popular music, able to push her source material into fresh and engaging places. Where some artists hack existing instruments and technologies to create their new sounds, Bennett has circuit-bent the songs themselves.” – Spenser Tomson, The Wire Magazine

Listening to “Copia” is like hearing music for the first time, as if the concept was completely new. You keep creating art that feels like that first shock-of-the-new you get when you step off a plane after you’ve landed in a new country. Something that wasn’t known, or knowable, somehow appears.”  – Charles Powne, Soleilmoon

About People Like Us

Since 1991, People Like Us has been at the forefront of audio-visual collage, opening up endless opportunities to experience results that are more than the sum of the parts. Embedded in her work is the premise that all is interconnected and that claiming ownership of an “original” or isolated concept is both preposterous and redundant. Vicki Bennett’s project serves as a modern-day continuation of the collage tradition, highlighting the interconnectedness of all artistic creation.

For further information, promotional materials, or to arrange an interview, please contact us.

New Merchandise Website! New Merchandise!

People Like Us now have an additional official website, for handling t-shirts, tote bags, greeting cards, postcards, prints and mugs. We’re continuing to use the same supplier but this time directly, so this change allows us to offer the same high-quality organic cotton t-shirts but at significantly lower prices.

Additionally, we have a brand-new t-shirt and tote bag design featuring a sneak peek of artwork from our upcoming CD, called “Copia”, set to release in May 2024.

Explore this and more at

The Library of Babel

People Like UsThe Library of Babel (2024)

28 October 2023 : Cafe OTO, London as part of a 3-Day People Like Us Artist Residency – in progress performance
14 November 2023 : CineCity at Attenborough Centre, Brighton
– in progress performance
17 January 2024 : The Wire Magazine takeover of IKLECTIK, London
30 March 2024 : Colchester Arts Centre
10 May 2024 : Flatpack Festival, Birmingham Black Box Theatre
13 July 2024 : Con-struct Festival, London
September 2024: Spain (details later)
October 2024: Rotterdam (details later)

First there is experience. 
Then we attach a story to it.

The Library of Babel is a vast library of words. Some combine to make stories of consequence, others are nonsensical.

The library is complete.
Yet searching it is futile.

Using dense collage and splintered narrative, “The Library of Babel” is a new audio-visual performance by People Like Us, a journey through cinema and sound where the actors are set adrift from their story, left with pure experience.

The title is inspired by a 1941 Jorge Luis Borges short story, exploring themes related to the complex interplay of infinity, knowledge, and the cosmic fabric, presented through the metaphor of a vast, seemingly infinite library. In the story, the librarians are isolated, focussed on an almost religious or existential quest, struggling to find meaningful texts amidst an overwhelming number of nonsensical or irrelevant books. The library itself has no goals or intentions; a canvas onto which searchers project their quests for meaning. The narrative delves into the angst and crises of those that explore its depths, raising questions about our ability to manage, navigate, and find meaning from vast amounts of information.

In this new work by People Like Us, traditional storytelling gets a modern twist through the amalgamation of audio-visual collage and intricate editing techniques. The digital narrative reconfigures, decomposes, redirects, and recombines images with sounds that are often already ingrained in audience’s collective consciousness due to their prior associations within the selected materials. Initially, they sail on a journey of previous associations and memories. However, the extensive fusion of source materials evolve them into a unified whole, severing past affiliations and pioneering uncharted territory that transcends memory to become a singular, immersive experience. Rather than adhering to a linear progression of events, the thematic narrative unfolds in layered complexities, offering a fragmented but coherent tale achieved through a blend of various sources and an ‘exquisite corpse’ approach.

Using collage as a medium democratises the content, making it resonant not just for aficionados of art, film, or music, but for a broad cross-section of the community. The technique is a universal entry point that appeals to both young and old, presenting elements that can communicate varied messages about film, music, culture, or society. Alternatively, the collage can stand alone as an extraordinary experience devoid of an overt narrative. Indeed, the aim is to use storytelling as a tool to transcend the preconceived notions and internal stories that audiences may bring with them.

The Library of Babel is an incredible work. Beautiful and dreamlike as ever but I particularly enjoyed the pace of this one as well – it felt like there was a bit more breathing space which allowed me to appreciate it all the more. And because there were fewer references that I instantly recognised (maybe I just don’t watch enough films!) I found myself intellectualising it less, (ie thinking about the original texts and the juxtapositions between them) and enjoying the images in and of themselves instead … Gone, Gone Beyond was amazing and certainly psychedelic – blew me away as an experience – but Babel felt more emotionally affecting and yes definitely immersive … I felt the same way about the music as the visuals, with less familiar reference points to digest it felt more about the immediate experience and less about semiotics – Tom Mugridge, November 2023

People Like Us fundraiser for a new album & tour!

Video update January 2024

Sent an IndieGoGo Perks update last week, but went for a walk in the sun today so decided to shoot a little video! Music under the video is our collaboration with Ergo Phizmiz, on The Library of Babel gig and our forthcoming album.

We made a fundraiser to help us spend time this year to create a new touring audiovisual performance and album, with a whole list of very exclusive merchandise and experiences in connection with that. Hope you can lend a hand and take this show on the road with us 🙂 The initial campaign is now completed but for now, you can still get a whole bunch of exclusive merch and recordings and help us to keep things going this year while making the new work.

Older Update

People Like Us perform at The Wire Magazine Takeover, IKLECTIK

The Wire Magazine Takeover, IKLECTIK, London
Wednesday 17 January 2024 | Doors: 8pm

We will be performing the new People Like Us AV performance The Library of Babel at The Wire Magazine takeover of IKLECTIK.

In the lead-up to the venue’s closure on 24th January, we invite you to join us for this, one of a series of closing benefit events, each a takeover of IKLECTIK by a different organiser with a special lineup. All proceeds go towards supporting the future of IKLECTIK.

Lineup: GAIKA [live] Elaine Mitchener [live] Loré Lixenberg [live] David Toop x Mark Wastell [live] People Like Us [AV set: The Library Of Babel]