Resemblage – short film

Resemblage (2004) was created as a result of an invitation from the LUX archive to make a film derived exclusively from their film collection. We chose films by artists Alan Berliner, Lawrence Jordan, People Like Us, Semiconductor and Stan Vanderbeek.

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Abridged Too Far – online-only album

1. Nothing
2. The Doody Waltz
3. I’ve Got You
4. Gesundheit!
5. Who Cares
6. Ja Ich
7. Dolly Pardon
8. Ach Du
9. Listen To The
10. Tiny Labyrinth of Distraction
11. Cattle Call
12. Abridged Too Far
13. Bier Bier Bier Downtown
14. Sedimental Journey
15. Swinglargo
16. Close To You
17. Retreat To Fade
18. Happy Wonderer
19. Downtown Once More
20. DO or DIY
21. Nobody Does

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An online only release through UbuWeb 2004
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