Nothing Special by People Like Us & Kenny G

Here’s an album by WFMU’s two terrible DJs, People Like Us, & Kenny G.


01. I’m From
02. Wake Up
03. Nothing
04. So Sorry
05. Close To Me
06. You’ll Be A
07. More Sorry
08. Counting Time
09. Give Up It’s Mine
10. Greatest Nobody
11. It Wouldn’t It Be Nice In Yr Face
12. Too Far
13. I’ve Got You

And here’s the full 3 hour WFMU show that this album was edited from – Nothing Special with Kenny G
Kenny G website
Mess Media through Soleilmoon website

Interview with People Like Us by Kenny G on WFMU, one week before this was recorded.

Kenny G Reads Marx

People Like Us join Kenny G.

Kenny G Whispers Marx [Mr. G is wearing a suit from the Paul Smith men’s spring 2003 collection in a 100% wool navy and plum window-pane pattern. The suit is lined with a teal and beige silk variegated dot pattern. $1,395. His shirt, a pink chevron pattern in 100% cotton, is from HervĂ© Jacques of Paris. $640. 100% silk Gucci tie in diagonal stripe pattern of pink, raspberry, beige, fuschia, and chocolate. $175. Orange men’s cashmere hosiery by Hermes. $30. 100% cotton men’s briefs by Calvin Klein. $42. Black crocodile Italian leather Beatle boots by Prada. $429.]