Over The Edge Archive – The Sound Of Austria II

Over The Edge – The Sound of Austria II
October 1998

More recordings from “The Sound Of Music” made on and off stage, (counting the money, etc.) and big pieces of the final show in Linz. The attempted Julie Andrews interview, “Oh how happy we will be when we learn our harmony,” receptacle input, participant discussions about how this performance should be done… and how it was done! More Cha Cha, more food, more beer, NPR, the RIAA, underground Austrian elf land from a miniature train, the best parts of show three, and new mixing with material used and left out. Thanks to Staalplaat and Time’s Up for creating this get together – People¬†Like Us, Music Toerist, Barbed, Negativland.
Run time 3h:5m:47s

In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote