The Keystone Cut Ups now digital audio download

The audio from our new DVD “The Keystone Cut Ups” is now available in audio form as an album, in digital audio form!  You can download at our label Illegal Art’s site, and good news is they have a “pay what you want” policy – from 0$ to XXXXXX$$$$$$!

Download now:

Simply add to basket, scroll to the mp3 option and then select the amount you’d like to pay.  There is also the option of getting the higher quality FLAC file.

Hurricane Sandy hit WFMU hard – please help

The 24 hour DO or DIY program archives remain safe and our 24-hour stream server was broken for several days following Hurricane Sandy, but now it is back!  Just in time to take it down again to make an entirely new stream in weeks to come… but more on that later…

Hurricane Sandy also broke a lot of electrical equipment, damaged the WFMU transmitter sites and caused the cancellation of a huge source of income for the station – the WFMU Record Fair.  DJ’s houses have been flooded and battered and many are just getting their power back now – and many are still in darkness, without light, heat or any means of leaving. The station is really in need of your support, being listener funded – the running costs for the station are just under 2 million dollars a year – it’s a big set up, and as of the last week we’re running on reserves of the reserves of the reserves.

Pledge to the WFMU Marathon!

Station Manager Ken Freedman will do a State of the Station report this Wednesday 4th November, but in the meantime here’s a sort of State of the Station with Prog Rock and Psychoanalysis with Ken and Clay Pigeon.

Please help the station – you can even get a t-shirt, DJ premium CD (and other items)… thanks.


The Zone – World Premiere

The Zone will be premiered at Bristol Arnolfini on Friday 2nd November and will be introduced by Vicki Bennett.


The Zone is the first feature-length film by Vicki Bennett a.k.a People Like Us. Running Stalker and The Wizard of Oz side-by-side, it tells one story of two journeys to “the promised land, the world where dreams can be made real and reality is like a dream.” The films sit side by side, staying loyal to the linear narrative, but editing the longer film to the length of the shorter, revealing delightful harmonies and synchronicities both in images and narrative occurring far more than either pure chance would dictate or the imagination construct. The Zone is inspired by the Chance Operations of John Cage, Cut-Up techniques of Gysin/Burroughs and Kurt Schwitters, and single shot/durational films (Andy Warhol, James Benning).

Please note: this film is not being distributed as of January 2013 after a legal claim by Mosfilm, the rights holders of Tarkovsky.

UPDATE (2017) – Turns out the Mosfilm do NOT own Tarkovsky films, nor have they ever!!!   We were not alone in receiving take down orders from them, they’d been sending them to many people for years.  We were informed of this by Curzon who DO own them, at least now.  The Zone is up here: