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Work, Rest & Play – a musical film by People Like Us

People Like Us – Work, Rest & Play (2007) is a video triptych exploring the themes of labour, leisure and industriousness.

People Like Us – “Work, Rest & Play” [2007]

Work, Rest & Play has been carefully constructed using industrial and documentary film footage from 1940-1975 to follow the endless chug of the conveyer belt of life. The film has been constructed as a triptych, where the whole is intended to be greater than the sum of the parts. Material from the Prelinger Archives and AV Geeks, two of the biggest ephemeral footage libraries in the world, has been pieced together in a symphony of movement and metamorphosis. Images of production lines, factories, and educational and creative industries, are sandwiched by those of the winding up and down processes of the day, the hours of leisure and relaxation, to illustrate the endless whirr of activity in our pursuit of meaning and happiness.

Commissioned by Lovebytes in collaboration with Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust.

It has been screened at:
March 2011 – Ambulante Festival, Mexico
May 2009 – Vienna Independent Shorts
April 2009 – Indielisboa, Lisbon
April 2009 – Glimmer Festival
April 2009 – Migrating Forms Festival (NYUFF), New York
February 2009 – Rotterdam Film Festival
January 2009 – Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart
November 2008 – Invideo, Milan
October 2008 – Cork Film Festival
September 2008 – Experimental Film & Video Festival, Seoul
June 2008 – Sonar, Barcelona
January 2008 – London Short Film Festival
May 2007 – Lovebytes International Festival of Digital Media, Millenium Galleries, Sheffield

Many thanks to UbuWeb for hosting this film.
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