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It has occurred to us how nice films look when viewed on an iPod Touch or iPhone, especially of course ours! So we have made all the People Like Us films we can find (nearly 2.5 hours worth) into files that will fit onto that lovely little screen, and zipped them up, ready for you to purchase through Paypal at an extremely reasonable price.
Firstly make the purchase by Paypal, and then we will email you a weblink to two zipped folders, which you can download. Please note, the total size of these combined zips are 487MB, and once unzipped they contain multiple small mp4s, the right size for your iPod/iPhone. ONLY make the purchase if you have access to broadband! We cannot provide these files individually.

Once your iPod or iPhone is connected to your computer and iTunes is open, all you need to do is drag the films into the relevant iTunes folder, in the same way you would add any other media from within your computer.
Here is the list of films contained within:

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People Like Us on BBC Radio 4’s PM today

People Like Us will be interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s show “PM” this afternoon about the resurgence of cassettes and cassette labels in relation to their recent release on the TapeWorm label of “Baudrillard – Le Xerox et l’Infini” as read by Patricia & Ellen.
The show is on between 5pm and 6pm GMT. The feature is also included now at this link:

Here’s a BBC news feature on the show – it’s on the BBC NEWS front page as we type this. Very surreal! There’s a screenshot lower down this page since it won’t stay there forever. Probably not anyway. Here’s the feature’s permalink:

We still have a few copies of Le Xerox et l’Infini left in our shop. Hurry though!
It will be archived for one week at BBC iPlayer. Follow the link to BBC Radio 4 and search “PM”.
PM on BBC Radio 4

Listen to more Patricia & Ellen here
BBC news front page
BBC news feature