Over The Edge Archive – Fake Bacon Breakfast Loop I

Over The Edge – Fake Bacon Breakfast Loop I
June 1998

The Weatherman, Wobbly, and Dave Emory join Bud Goode for a highly technical and receptacle content infused show. Some discussion on the Teletour concept, as this show was apparently simulcast via phone line to UK radio station Resonance FM.

The Weatherman’s tired. People Like Us phones in. The recurring ‘F-You’ guy keeps calling. Includes riveting episode of What Are We Supposed To Think Now with Tilt Reptilian & Dave Emory.  Random show note: The original donor of Don’s ’78 Nova calls in at around the 35 minute mark.

Run time 3h:4m:56s

In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – OTE in Concert

Over The Edge – OTE in Concert
8 (and 9) April 1998
https://vimeo.com/20861241 (thanks to Puzzling Evidence)

 This show occurred the night before a live performance in San Francisco in which the same people presented “OTE In Concert.” Actually a rehearsal of sorts, this show is divided into three sets – Wobbly and Wetgate play first, then PLU and Don, then all mix together for the remainder of the show. People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) comes all the way from England with a MiniDisc full of samples, Wobbly wiggles the keyboards, and Wetgate runs film loops through multiple film projectors for, in this case, audio only movies. Tellytubbies, Clowns and Ballerinas, McDonalds for girls, torture, and “fuck Lycra” are among our subjects.
Run time 3h:0m:19s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Superstars of sample People Like Us, Wobbly, and C. Elliot Friday of Negativland join forces with projectionists Wetgate to layer lightly at the Cell Space one fine spring night to discern “what’s music?”…

Over The Edge Archive: Advertising Secrets

Over The Edge – Advertising Secrets
March 1998

Beginning with Dr. Norway’s hosting of a Howland Island tourism travelog being tested at focus groups inside One World Advertising, this show cuts up a lot of “DisPepsi syndrome” and Happy Heroes in a lot of revisited roles. A little Roger Waters, “Great Moments” from channel 5, Kaiser Steel makes a comedy record, Lot’s of inventive receptacle including transAtlantic calls from People Like Us in England, (by now, a habit she’s willing to pay for) and more Howland travelog throughout. The price is right. Only infinity left!
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – World Radio World I

Over The Edge – World Radio World I
4 October 1996

A nice three hours of chopped radio content from around the world. Includes Pirate live mix radio from the Netherlands which also supplies an interview with Don about Negativland issues as broadcast on Dutch radio VPRO. Crazily interesting English and Australian disc jockeys, a segment about Russian radio selling out, Japanese Pop and Japanese Noise, French cigarette music, People Like Us, new South African narrative music, Nina Hagen and Nena, short wave, receptacle programming, and more. Two 90 cassettes.
Run time 3h:4m:55s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – London Music Falling Down I

Over The Edge – London Music Falling Down I
11 April 1996

On secret orders from Mr. Friday, I made a trip to London and returned with several hand picked radio consultants from the BBC. All these actual English speaking people are here from London to make the Netweb better, elevate programming, and make OTE actually tops in no-top broadcasting. Hosted by famous American, Earthworm Jim, everybody’s on mike commenting on form, style, American quirks, and tea, dunking in and out of a nice, busy mix of all British voices, actualities, disk jockey pranks, Lance Dann’s BBC radio production, a BBC quiz, Radio 1, 2, 3, & 4, Music, News, Weather, and hot tea from the Emerald Sea. And a certain amount of dialect gibberish. A sometimes raucous, sometimes touching tribute to London and it’s music, past and present. Mix includes parts of Scanner, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, People Like Us, Barbed, Art Of Noise, Neil Innes, Crass, Vivian Stanshall, Deaf School, Siouxsie, Marianne, Tom, and more.
Run time 3h:3m:41s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote