People Like Us at Cafe Oto, London

On 20 April 2018, People Like Us will be presenting the London premiere of The Mirror as part of a two-day Discrepant label residency at London’s Cafe Oto.  Also on the bill, our old friends Porest.

The excellent Discrepant record label celebrates its seventh anniversary with a diverse and vital cross section of artists from the roster.

The Mirror – a new live a/v performance by People Like Us


We are pleased to announce a new audiovisual immersive cinema performance by People Like Us called The Mirror, which will be performed from March 2018 worldwide.

18 March 2018 – Athens (details coming later)
13 April 2018 – Liverpool (details coming later)
17 April 2018 – Belfast (venue details coming later)
20 April 2018 – London Cafe Oto – tickets
21 April 2018 – Birmingham (venue details coming later)
11/12 May 2018 – London (venue details coming later)
Autumn – Newcastle (venue details coming later)
Autumn – Brighton (venue details coming later)

The Mirror

Vicki Bennett produces audio-visual, moving image works and live performance for audiences at festivals and galleries across the world. The Mirror splices together movie snippets with original music to simulate multiple views of the self. In this new piece, Bennett explores the masks that we wear represented through the lens, using parallel narratives across the screen to depict an ever-changing stream, rather than a singular, fixed being. 

Background: It is created by first navigating hundreds of preexisting feature length movies, searching for conceptual/actual subject matter pertaining to reflection and projection.  The initial idea was to depict the camera as a torch that shines light down dark corridors and as an eye that watches people when they are alone, and then through navigating all the footage to see what new stories emerge. The selected source material was then edited into thousands of snippets which are labelled and the descriptions examined to find similarities and crossovers that might be emerging in descriptions/storylines.  A conceptually related soundtrack was then composed in relation to edits on the movie timeline, also created by appropriating and recombining from sections of hundreds of preexisting songs, as well as using sounds from the original films. This is an exercise in editing and juxtaposition, also an investigation, an “operation” working with the premise that if you cut into something and isolate it from its “finished” guise you discover new stories and information relevant to the present and future.  Published material is often seen as “finished”, the end of the story, not available for comment, a sealed up museum-like product, isolated on an island, away from ideas and reflections.  By use of collage, one can unthread, rewind and redirect content to discover what other stories may be hidden, allowing an active dialogue both with the external content, and also challenge the routine ways in which we may be limiting our own creativity by our own fixed (isolated) ways of thinking.  Recombining these hundreds of movie storylines into new combinations can create results that are more than the sum of the parts and beyond our usual pattern of creating stories alone.

For more information on the working methods and philosophical approach of People Like Us, please read this conversation between Vicki Bennett and Peter Jaeger conducted over the course of Summer 2015. It was published in filling Station Issue 63.  Download as a pdf.

More details and a trailer after next month, but we have confirmed concerts in March in Athens (tba), April in Liverpool (FACT), Belfast (Film Festival), Birmingham (Flatpack Film Festival) and London (Cafe Oto), May in London (Splice Festival), then more later in the year in Newcastle (tba) and Brighton (Cinecity).  We expect to add more dates to the roster and will announce details in due course.  If you are a festival organiser with a budget and are interested in booking this, please get in touch by way of our Contact Form.

We will also be creating a short film for improvising artists and musicians separately to this and if you would like to perform it, or are part of a university course (or similar) and think it may be useful to your students, or indeed are a festival/venue and would like to book this please get in touch.