Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Magdeburg

The Magdeburg Art Museum presents numerous current examples from graphics, painting, sculpture, installation and video under the title AMBITUS, which present structural, content and aesthetic points of contact between the two disciplines. You can see works by more than 25 artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Albania, Great Britain, Israel, Canada and the USA.

If the term AMBITUS normally stands for the pitch between the highest and the lowest tone of, for example, a singer or an instrument, it symbolizes the range, the diversity of the artists participating in this exhibition and their sometimes expansive multimedia works. The presentation focuses on current developments and aims to arouse curiosity about how boundaries between the visual arts and music are broken up and new spaces of experience are constructed.

This coexistence and interplay of different music and styles of contemporary art production is also the focus of the “Water Walk” in the public space along the Elbe on the evening of 08.09., Which adjoins the opening of the exhibition, and in the concert venue in the Haus der Musik, the society house, in the monastery mountains garden.

Artists: Werner Amann, Cory Arcangel, Eberhard Blum, Candice Breitz, Robbie Cornelissen, William Engelen, Jonas Englert, Douglas Henderson and David Henderson, Annika Kahrs, Rainer Kohlberger, Christina Kubisch, Kaffe Matthews, Bjørn Melhus, Michaela Melián, Haroon Mirza, People Like Us (Vicki Bennett), Ute Pleuger, Anri Sala, Marc Sabat and Mareike Lee, Yehudit Sasportas, Per Olaf Schmidt and Sebastian Neubauer, Richard T. Walker and others

Exhibition opening: 8.9., 6 pm | Water Walk: 8.9., From 19.00 clock

The exhibition opening of AMBITUS. Art and music today and the Long Night with the Water Walk along the Elbe between Kunstmuseum and Gesellschaftshaus take place on 8th September. Further information will be available here shortly or directly in the Kunstmuseum, of course also on Facebook.