People Like Us “Thermos Explorer”

Released Autumn 2000 on Hot Air AIRHEAD002 (SOLD OUT)

1. Music of Your Own
2. Take a Walk
3. I’m 89
4. Snippy
5. People Like You
6. Ipanmnmna
7. Millenium Dome
8. Uh Dear
9. Cream Crackers
10. Moronically Yours
11. Sugarbeat
12. Whistle Song
13. Caciocavallo
14. Pauline
15. Kitten
16. Importance of Mistakes
17. Sardines
18. Dolphy
19. Sugar and Splice
20. Nobody Does
21. ILY
22. People Like You
23. Serenade

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A Fistful of Knuckles

Released Winter 2000 on Caciocavallo/Soleilmoon Recordings CAD10

“People Like Us is simply too good. Why it presents us again and again CD, like a circus. One must win something distance from this music, thus her one not flatly with the endless heavily meaning basic sounds and memories. Here to the world between American white diapers, Pferdchen those the world mean, Kleinkinderklukluxklansofties and other one like Country, donkeys, sakeless Schubidus and cold kriegern in a leckeren soup. People Like US is like cinema, like which old humans at MTV finds so exciting always, these many cuts, only the cuts are not cuts, but, deeply inside into this world from sound the world of the television offers precise interventions to surgical quality, without it would refer to expressly drauf that that really like that it is but supplies actually only for People Like US material, which so unconsciously passed through quasi by us that one can cannibalize it ever further and further. Carefully naturally and with a Manie CUT copy paste of the Artworkings, which one, once belonged never again loose will. ” A Fistful OF Knuckles ” is the terminator point of a long long search to the praised country, which ran from the east coast in long Trecks to the west coast, made a stopover with John Wayne over in People Like US to end.” – translation from de-bug magazine


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Lassie House/Jumble Massive CD

Released Autumn 2000 on Caciocavallo/Soleilmoon Recordings CAD9

There is an air of both humor and impending doom within the works of People Like Us. From her first release in 1991 People Like Us has created or contributed to more than 25 CDs and records as well as several collaborative releases and numerous compilation tracks. Lassie House/Jumble Massive is a mid-price reissue of two limited edition releases from Staalplaat and Soleilmoon. The name Jumble Massive describes the music perfectly. This album contains a hodge-podge mish-mash of spoken word snippets and accidental vocalization that have been skillfully edited together to make something inconceivably peculiar and wonder. There are some tracks which are more musical, but again, collage is the preferred method of creation. People Like Us have defined a new musical territory with an atmosphere primarily composed of nitrous oxide and adrenaline.

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People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz “Rhapsody in Glue” album

Online-only album
Released 15 May 2008 through PLURGO1

Following the success of the critically acclaimed “Perpetuum Mobile” CD of 2007, renowned UK collagists / composers People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz reunite for “Rhapsody in Glue”, a cycle of bricolage-ballet-music, skewed-waltzes, and skewiff-pop.
There is a story behind every album, and with “Rhapsody in Glue” we find a unique approach to constructing a record. Both long-term contributors to New York radio station WFMU, People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz decided to publicly tear apart their respective practices and create an album “in the open”, presenting on a seafood-filled-platter the process of collaborative collage composition – informally discussing and jabbering nonsense to one another, resulting in the “Codpaste” free podcast series. “Rhapsody in Glue” is the culmination of the ideas explored in the podcast series.

“Rhapsody in Glue” continues in the bizarre ballroom vein of their previous efforts together, however, increasing the sonic palette into textural depths previously uncharted in their work. If “Carmic Waltz” is an expressionist painting by aged ballroom dance teacher who’s eaten the wrong kind of mushrooms in her soufflĂ©, then “Gary’s Anatomy” is a slice of pure absurdist pop shot through with slabs of exotica and Ethel Merman. Recurring through the record is an apparent obsession with Prokofiev’s “Troika (Sleigh Ride)”, which merges and mashes with Burt Bacharach and Queen on “Snow Day”‘ and lapses into pure fantasy on the almost entirely acoustic “Withers in the Whist”, jarring with Ergo’s strange, Victoriana obsessed lyrics. Then on “Dancing in the Carmen” we discover what happens if Nana Mouskouri is thrown into a pot with Peggy Lee and let simmer for 10 minutes, whilst “In The Waking” shimmers along on multitracked guitars, meandering melodies, and music boxes.

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Beware The Whim Reaper

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01. OB & Cha Cha
02. Pompous Circumstance
03. Country Drives
04. World of Stereo
05. Mr Wonderful
06. Smash & Grab
07. In The Panto
08. Funny Tune
09. The Whim Reaper
10. Harvesting
11. Cushions Can Kill
12. People Like Us
13. Ear Ringing
14. Liber Fraumilch / 15. Soul Fool
16. Ski Heil
NME Interview 1995

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