Secret Monsters: Random Acts screenings on Channel 4

Still from The Golem – An Inanimate Matter (2013)


Press release: 2 May 2013

Secret Monsters: 10 fiendish Random Acts
Premiering: Channel 4, Autumn 2013

Animate Projects is pleased to be producing an array of amazing animations for Channel 4’s Random Acts that will provide an insight into the world’s hidden or secret monsters.

The slate considers the pseudo-science of cryptozoology – the search for creatures whose existence remains unproven. Many of these creatures feature in myths, legends and folklore across the globe, and include thunderbirds, the Loch Ness Monster, phantom cats, Bigfoot, colobockle, and the Chupacabra.

Animate has commissioned and acquired works from artists based in Austria, Japan, South America, Spain and the UK that respond to the theme. The artists bring inventive character design, hair-raising stories and a mix of animation techniques, to delight one and all.The artists are: Vicki Bennett, Elizabeth Hobbs, Clemens Kogler, Mandy McIntosh, Jossie Malis, Motomichi Nakamura, Sean Vicary and Atsushi Wada.Animate’s Random Acts will be broadcast on Channel 4, and from Autumn 2013.


October 2013: please note – these films are now available to view online:

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Download stills and photos of work in progress from both We Are Not Amused and The Golem – An Inanimate Matter

Still from The Golem – An Inanimate Matter (2013)

We Are Not Amused: Who knows where ideas come from? You or me? Or THEM? The Muses are angry and they want their ideas back! This is a story of thieving and reappropriation, staged on a mythological platform.

The Golem, An Inanimate Matter: The Golem, a monstrous being of inanimate matter from Jewish folklore, is accidentally summoned from a book and wreaks havoc through a public library.

Still from We Are Not Amused (2013)

About Random Acts
Random Acts is Channel 4’s short-form arts strand airing five nights a week and online at; over the course of a year it will showcase 260 specially commissioned three minute films chosen for their bold and original expressions of creativity. Visit

Ergo Phizmiz as "Simple Stephen doodle drawing..."
Ergo Phizmiz as “Simple Stephen doodle drawing…”

About Animate Projects
Animate Projects is the only arts charity in the UK dedicated to championing experiments in animation. Our ambition is to support artists to use animation in new ways to create innovative and thought-provoking projects. We nurture the creative talent of artists, and encourage them to apply their skills to respond to briefs in unexpected ways. We enable artists to push the boundaries of what is possible – whether embracing advances in digital technologies, or reinventing the possibilities with traditional craft skills. To ensure all our projects reach the widest audiences, we work in partnership with leading broadcasters and national cultural organisations including Tate, Art on the Underground, Barbican, Channel 4, BFI, and Crafts Council.

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The Golem - clay figure created by Martha Moopette
The Golem – clay figure created by Martha Moopette