New Print For Sale: PIANOS

Pianos print by Vicki Bennett (Feb 2015) - 10inch square
Pianos print by Vicki Bennett (Feb 2015) – 10inch square

We have a new print available for sale – it was recently created while making the a/v performance Citation City, collaging movie content of a segue from a scene of hands at a typewriter cutting across to the playing of a piano. We have sized it as such that it will fit into an IKEA frame which you can buy yourself (IKEA: RIBBA 23cmx23cm). We are selling at an affordable price (see below in US dollars), postage INCLUDED.




“Don’t Think Right, It’s All Twice” by People Like Us
Release date: 31 October 2013 (preorder 7 October)
Cutting Hedge SNIP001 (available initially mailorder only from us)


It’s always felt important that my work be a total experience, not singularly appealing to either the eye or ear, for it to be as integrated an experience as possible.  The music on this album was composed between 2006 and 2013 initially for five different live performances of moving image and sound.  Since publishing formats have developed in recent years we’ve found the internet serves us really well as a distribution tool in the gift economy.  One can find the accompanying visual elements of some of this music at  However, as well as the eye and ear is the sense of touch, and there is nothing like holding the object as well!  — Vicki Bennett

Performances sources:
Lyrics in Libraries (2006) | Genre Collage (2009) | People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz Live at Cafe Oto (2009) | The Magical Misery Tour (2011) | Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) (2013)

We are dedicated to providing as much as possible for free or as cheaply as possible and strong encourage others to invest in the gift economy.  We realise this is a couple more dollars than we’re usually charging but we are financing this ourselves and need to recoup costs.  It is unlikely we will profit from this but we do need to make ends meet!  We hope you understand, and continue to appreciate how much we continue to also give much for free 🙂


Don't Think Right COVER300dpi
CD Cover, 300dpi

Video trailers from three of the live performances:

Shutter – Print Edition for sale

As part of our SHUTTER solo exhibition at Leeds College of Art we are pleased to make available a very limited edition of 2 B/W giclee prints, both in an edition of 20.  We are selling these at a very reasonable price as a result of actually wanting you to have them rather than adhering to the art gallery rules of making things too expensive and unavailable to most people.

All prices are in US Dollars and INCLUDE postage and packing.  Please note, we are offering a large discount if you buy BOTH at once.  Paypal links below.

Asleep 1 12 inches x 12 inches
Asleep 1
12 inches x 12 inches



Asleep 2 12 inches x 12 inches
Asleep 2
12 inches x 12 inches


Print Edition by Vicki Bennett

Title: Streetwalking
Medium: C-Type Print on Matt Fuji Archive Paper
Dimensions: 914mm x 321mm
Year: 2011
Edition: 100 + 5 A/P

Title: In Retrospect
Medium: C-Type Print on Matt Fuji Archive Paper
Dimensions: 671mm x 392mm
Year: 2011
Edition: 100 + 5 A/Ps
Co-published by Modern Empire and Vitrine Gallery

Streetwalking” and “In Retrospect” form part of a new series of digital collage works included in Vicki Bennett’s forthcoming exhibition at Vitrine Gallery. Bennett uses a unique technique to expand film scenes beyond their conventional screen ratio. The finished results reveal beautiful panoramic views of the background landscapes as captured by the panning camera, effectively allowing film scenes to be seen as never before.

Bearing a relation to the British Vorticism movement of the early 20th Century, Bennett takes a Futurist approach to image making, attempting to capture dynamic movement with still images. She often utilises digital technology to apply analogue techniques and for more than a decade has used rotoscoping in her short films and live audio-visual performance to mask, cut and place objects elsewhere on screen. During her commission for The Great North Run Cultural Programme 2009 she developed the process for expanding film outside its frame and began work on this new series shortly after.

More on the Vitrine Gallery solo exhibition The Doors Of Perception here:
In Retrospect and Streetwalking are available as limited edition C-type prints. They can be purchased separately or as a pair.

In Retrospect
Price: 100GBP (unframed) including UK P&P (see note at bottom for overseas purchases)

Price: 100GBP (unframed) including UK P&P (see note at bottom for overseas purchases)

Streetwalking and In Retrospect
Price: 180GBP (unframed) including UK P&P (see note at bottom for overseas purchases)

Please note: for overseas purchases please contact Modern Empire for a postage quote before paying by Paypal.