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MACBA, Radio Web interview

People Like Us performed at MACBA earlier in 2010 as part of the Variations series at the MACBA auditorium. After the concert Anna Ramos from Radio Web MACBA (RWM), who also curated the whole series, conducted an interview which is now online and also downloadable as a podcast.


And in English:

If you are interested in the history of audio appropriation then listen to Jon Leidecker’s Variations podcast.

Ergo Phizmiz Special on DO or DIY

DO or DIY with People Like Us – Ergo Phizmiz Special
Wednesday 15th September


Join Ergo Phizmiz in the studio for this week’s DO or DIY featuring the premiere broadcast of the entirety of Ergo Phizmiz’s score for “La Puce de Neige” (“The Snow Flea”), a mime puppet-opera for Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes, which premiered in Marseille, November 2009.

The show, created for children, tells the story of Kerugug, a snow flea who in the Arctic who is displaced to Antartica through a hole in the world, and his journey back – with an evil ice-cream in hot pursuit, sneaking snow fleas to use as anti-freeze in his produce. The piece combines field-recordings of Inuit folk songs with a memetic score that references Mussorgsky, Moondog, French folk songs, Augustus Pablo, Prokofiev, Strauss, and Raymond Scott.