JG Thirlwell on DO or DIY

Wednesday, August 31st 2011, 8pm – 9pm (NY time) on DO or DIY
JG Thirlwell

In this week’s DO or DIY JG Thirlwell will be doing a mix for the show.
JG Thirlwell is a composer/producer/performer based in Brooklyn NY. After working with experimental group Nurse With Wound, Thirlwell started making his own records in 1980, initially releasing them on his own  “Self Immolation” label. In recent years, with commissions for Kronos Quartet, Bang On A Can, and his occasional eighteen piece ensemble, he has been increasingly interested electronically and sample generated music being re-scored for traditional instrumentation – played both conventionally and not (recent examples include performing with a chamber ensemble version of Manorexia). In addition, Thirlwell scores “The Venture Brothers”, a hit cartoon show on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. His project Manorexia will be playing Oct 2 at ATP’s I’ll be your Mirror in Asbury Park NJ with Portishead,  and at the BAM cafe (free!) in Brooklyn on Nov 18.