Nothing Special + A Fistful of Knuckles on cassette!

Yes, these two albums are now reissued… on cassette! 

Now deleted on cassette but available on bandcamp:

A Fistful of Knuckles - cassette

Nothing Special - cassette

Kenny G at The White House Today

Our friend and collaborator Kenny G, aka Kenneth Goldsmith read his amazing poetry at The White House today, 11 May 2011. As well as being beautiful and engaging in its own right, Kenny’s work has been a gateway to understanding of so called “higher” forms of writing and reading to People Like Us and many other allies.

Watch and download the video archives here:
More inspiration:
Kenneth Goldsmith
And from the larger umbrella:
A People Like Us & Kenny G collaboration:
Nothing Special (CD)

Induction Is A Draft Is A Gust Of Air (2009) on Vimeo.

People Like Us in another UbuWeb podcast

People Like Us features for a second time in Avant-Garde All The Time, an UbuWeb podcast. This time around the episode The Women Of The Avant-Garde (part 2) also features sound clips from Gertrude Stein, Yoko Ono, Louise Lawler, Shelley Hirsch, Lauren Lesko, Forough Farrokhzad, Pauline Oliveros, and many more.
Women of the Avant-Garde (part 2)

Poet Kenneth Goldsmith presents selections from UbuWeb, the learned and varietous online repository concerning concrete & sound poetry, experimental film, outsider art and all things avant-garde. Schedule: Every Six Weeks.
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A continued thank you, UbuWeb!

People Like Us featured in the latest UbuWeb podcast

All Avant-Garde All The Time – UbuWeb Podcast #9: The Sounds of the UK from the 1960s To Yesterday
Listen / Download

Produced by The Poetry Foundation, UbuWeb is pleased to announce the latest in its podcast series, focusing on a dozen of Ubu’s hidden treasures, highlighting audio works that you really should know about about but most likely don’t. With this podcast, we continue our series focusing on the sounds of different regions. Here the focus is on the avant-garde language-based audio coming out of the UK. Beginning with Bob Cobbing and making our way through the the swinging London scene of the 60s, and the political / punk work of the 70s, and ending up with the electronics + samples of today, we cut a path through the London (and beyond) underground. Featured here are works by Bob Cobbing, Neil Mills, Lily Greenham, Cornelius Cardew, Christopher Logue, Richard Long, Art & Language + The Red Krayloa, Furious Pig, Momus, People Like Us, and Caroline Bergvall.
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The Inaugural Poem Remix

People Like Us and many others have remixed The Inaugural Poem, because we felt that the first one needed improving. Take a look at and listen to the entire project, initiated by Kenny G at WFMU, thanks!

Download at UbuWeb

Kenny G’s Inaugural Poem Remix show on WFMU.
The Inaugural Poem Remix project on the Poetry Foundation website .
People Like Us “An Induction Is A Draft Is A Gust Of Air”.
People Like Us “Adjournment-Poem”.

Kenny G Reads Marx

People Like Us join Kenny G.

Kenny G Whispers Marx [Mr. G is wearing a suit from the Paul Smith men’s spring 2003 collection in a 100% wool navy and plum window-pane pattern. The suit is lined with a teal and beige silk variegated dot pattern. $1,395. His shirt, a pink chevron pattern in 100% cotton, is from Hervé Jacques of Paris. $640. 100% silk Gucci tie in diagonal stripe pattern of pink, raspberry, beige, fuschia, and chocolate. $175. Orange men’s cashmere hosiery by Hermes. $30. 100% cotton men’s briefs by Calvin Klein. $42. Black crocodile Italian leather Beatle boots by Prada. $429.]