Hearty White Reflects Upon The Mirror

We’re pleased to release the last our 3 artist commissions made in response to The Mirror.

The first was by Dina Kelberman, the second was a 50-minute new audio piece by Porest (Mark Gergis) and now we’re presenting a brand new 50-minute audio work by HEARTY WHITE. You can listen here and download at bandcamp.


(Please note, this is a piece of audio by Hearty White, and the link embed above lists it as People Like Us purely because it’s on our bandcamp page)

Bio: Hearty White lives and doesn’t work in Lexington, KY, birthplace of Richard Hell. His radio non-career spans decades. He loves you in theory.  Listen to Hearty White’s WFMU radio show: 

More info on The Mirror by People Like Us and these artist commissions: 

Hearty White Reads The Fundamental Questions

Here’s a reading from The Fundamental Questions by Hearty White.

I am an artist, although I prefer the term Illustrator, and I make my living as a freelance contractor · I am an artist, always starting a new project · I am an artist, and a musician · I am an Artist, Animator, and SEO apprentice at a Reno area Start Up Company called TCNABN · i am an artist, i like piano (Bach, blue , jazz) · I am an artist, intellectual, eclectic, liberal, unconventional, fringe, respectable, obstinate, resilient and determined · I am an artist, I read, watch too much TV, play too many video games, and make plans to watch too many classic films that I never get around to · I am an artist, like art, even going to the opera but also enjoy watching football · I Am an artist, love painting and drawing, sculpture & photo · I am an artist, student, dreamer, doer, hardworker, jokester, sister, daughter, cousin, and friend · I am an artist, traveler, nature boy and lover (of life, and all it entails) · I am an artist · I am an artist · I am an artist · I am an artist · I am an artist · I am an artist · I am an artist/jewelry designer and a small business owner · I am an artist/musician · I am an artist and a dreamer · I am an artist and am lucky enough to get to do what I love · I am an artist and a photographer, with a little bit of writer thrown in the mix · I am an artist and a photographer · I am an artist and a writer · I am an artist and a writer · I am an artist and counselor working with college students · I am an Artist and crafter · I am an artist and creating something new is always exciting · I am an artist and have a deep  passion for sculpture and ceramics · I am an artist and have been drawing since I can remember · I am an artist and I have the degrees to prove it · I am an artist and I just graduated from a college in Vermont · I am an artist and social worker · I am an artist and take that part of my life very seriously · I am an artist and very passionate about it · I am an artist at heart, a photographer, a traveler, and a (health) foodie · I am an artist at heart – I’m pretty down to earth · I am an artist at heart · I am an artist at heart and feel that it’s important for eveyone to have something they are truly passionate about · I am an artist by trade and hobby, and I love being able to make a living with art · I am an artist creating artificial enviroment at zoos, aquariums and parks · I am an artist first, musician second, art therapist third, regular boring 9-5 human last · I am an artist going to cosmetology school · I am an artistic, creative person · I am an artist in a bit of a rut · I am an artist living in New York · I am an artist living in NYC · I am an artist of all different talents · I am an artist of sorts · I am an artist of sorts though I’ve lacked inspiration recently · I am an artist ily, I like all things intense and fun because, yolo · I am an artist who adores flowers · I am an artist who loves reading, learning, and living life to the fullest · I am an artist with a curiosity for life, people, and love · I am an artist with my MFA in printmaking · I am an art major focusing in drawing and ceramics · I am an arts-lover, animal-lover, and Liz Lemon-lover · I am an art student · I am an art student · I am an artsty, talkative, and hardworking woman trying to make my small farm into something awesome · I am an artsy kind of guy · I am an artsy person, I draw and paint · I am an artsy person with a lot of opinions and I’m very driven and ambitious · I am an art teacher in a public school · I am an art therapist who loves that I get to spend my days in an art studio ·

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OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream on WFMU!

OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream on WFMU 6-10 June 2016, Noon-3pm (EST)
Playlists & archives: http://wfmu.org/playlists/UP
Documentation: https://peoplelikeus.org/2016/optimized-wfmu/

From 6-10 June 2016 Vicki Bennett and John Kilduff were Artists in Residence at freeform radio station WFMU in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

NEW! Documentation Video:

This residency consisted of “Optimized!” – a week-long online a/v radio station which experimented with ideas of what radio might be in the world of high speed internet broadcasting.

The content included 26 new a/v artist commissions selected and programmed by Vicki Bennett, where people were invited to respond to the word “optimized”, John Kilduff’s live “Let’s Paint TV” daily video show which combines, painting, cooking and exercise, and an evening at the station with an in-house studio audience.

John Kilduff and Vicki Bennett Artist Residency – Expanded Radio at WFMU

Noon-2pm: 10 hours of new/exclusive recordings, radio & video by 26 participants. Programmed by Vicki Bennett / People Like Us
2pm-3pm: Daily video shows live from WFMU’s Monty Hall by John Kilduff / Let’s Paint TV – Mr Let’s Paint will take your calls! skype: letspaintwfmu
3pm-5pm: repeat of noon-2pm schedule
9 June 2016: A live expanded radio event at Monty Hall with Let’s Paint TV & People Like Us / DIFM (Do It For Me) with Pseu Braun

Pseu Braun DIFM (Do It For Me) at Monty Hall

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