People Like Us play Glasgow for the first time ever!

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We are pleased to announce that after 24 years of existing as People Like Us we play our first concert in Glasgow at GLEAM (Glasgow Electronic and Audiovisual Media) FESTIVAL.  This will take place at University of Glasgow Concert Hall on 31 October 2014.  So it is fitting that we will perform The Magical Misery Tour there.  Vicki will also do an artist talk on the same day at 2pm.

“The Magical Misery Tour” trailer

More about the festival:

To honour the centenary of Scottish-Canadian filmmaker and artist Norman McLaren (1914-1987), the first annual GLEAM (GLasgow Electronic and Audiovisual Media) Festival will celebrate his lasting influence, situating contemporary works of ‘visual music’ within the current context of audiovisual practice and providing opportunities for cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration.

It is only fitting that the McLaren centenary celebrations should extend to involve the city of Glasgow. McLaren spent three years at Glasgow School of Art studying art and interior design and it was here that he first began to experiment with the moving image, and discovered the work of Oskar Fischinger, which was to influence him profoundly.

GLEAM 2014 takes McLaren’s work as a jumping off point from which to discuss and disseminate contemporary sonic and audiovisual work, both theoretical and practical.