RIAA session on DO or DIY with People Like Us

Wednesday, June 30th, 7pm – 8pm: RIAA

RIAA, the mashup/sound collage project of Los Angeles DJ/musician Mr. Fab, returns to DO or DIY for another exclusive mix. “The Kitchen of Tomorrow,” an excerpt from the forthcoming epic “USA,” will be featured, drawing on such sources as old industrial films, easy-listening records, and instructional records to humorously depict the changing role of women in American society.

The Inaugural Poem Remix

People Like Us and many others have remixed The Inaugural Poem, because we felt that the first one needed improving. Take a look at and listen to the entire project, initiated by Kenny G at WFMU, thanks!

Download at UbuWeb

Kenny G’s Inaugural Poem Remix show on WFMU.
The Inaugural Poem Remix project on the Poetry Foundation website .
People Like Us “An Induction Is A Draft Is A Gust Of Air”.
People Like Us “Adjournment-Poem”.