WE ARE NOT AMUSED screens on Channel 4 TV

Thursday 5th September 2013 00:10 Channel 4 TV UK

Random Acts Secret Monsters Commission – Animate Projects/Channel 4 (2013)

We Are Not Amused – the second of our two films made for Animate Projects / Random Acts on Channel 4 TV will screen this Thursday 5th September night at ten past midnight (UK) on Channel 4.  It is listed as the program “Random Acts”.  Co-written with artist Ergo Phizmiz. Update: the film is now archived on the Channel 4 Random Acts website.

We Are Not Amused on Random Acts, Channel 4 TV
We Are Not Amused on Random Acts, Channel 4 TV

Synopsis of film: Who knows where ideas come from? You or me? Or THEM?  The Muses are angry and they want their ideas back! This is a story of thieving and reappropriation, staged on a mythological platform.

Download stills and photos of work in progress from both We Are Not Amused and The Golem – An Inanimate Matter

WeAreNotAmused-2 WeAreNotAmused-3 WeAreNotAmused-4 WeAreNotAmused-5

Destruction of a painting in We Are Not Amused
Destruction of all kinds from the angry Muses in We Are Not Amused