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Chapter about People Like Us in new Kenneth Goldsmith book

Duchamp Is My Lawyer
The Polemics, Pragmatics, and Poetics of UbuWeb
Kenneth Goldsmith
Columbia University Press

Really honoured to be in our good friend Kenneth Goldsmith’s book, he gave us a whole chapter. Click on the link below to find out more and purchase one. Or DOWNLOAD! Review here.

New films on UbuWeb

A number of new additions have been made to the People Like Us film section on UbuWeb. Go and take a look!  http://ubu.com/film/plu.html – all films include download links.  Don’t trust the cloud!

Free Rod MckMoon from Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) (2012)
The Golem – An Inanimate Matter (2013)
We Are Not Amused (2013)
Notations Documentary (2013)
The Big Sleep (2014)