People Like Us on BBC Radio 4’s PM today

People Like Us will be interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s show “PM” this afternoon about the resurgence of cassettes and cassette labels in relation to their recent release on the TapeWorm label of “Baudrillard – Le Xerox et l’Infini” as read by Patricia & Ellen.
The show is on between 5pm and 6pm GMT. The feature is also included now at this link:

Here’s a BBC news feature on the show – it’s on the BBC NEWS front page as we type this. Very surreal! There’s a screenshot lower down this page since it won’t stay there forever. Probably not anyway. Here’s the feature’s permalink:

We still have a few copies of Le Xerox et l’Infini left in our shop. Hurry though!
It will be archived for one week at BBC iPlayer. Follow the link to BBC Radio 4 and search “PM”.
PM on BBC Radio 4

Listen to more Patricia & Ellen here
BBC news front page
BBC news feature

Jean Baudrillard – Le Xerox et l’Infini

The Tapeworm # TTW#02 [Cassette]
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Track listing:
A: Part One – 17m12s
B: Part Two – 15m07s

Jean Baudrillard’s “Le Xerox et l’Infini” – originally published in Paris, 1987 – as read by Patricia and Ellen. Recorded on 12 July 2009 by Vicki Bennett in Hersham, England. Translation: Agitac, London, November 1988.

“Jean Baudrillard is perhaps the most important theorist of the ‘after modern’. Though he says himself he has ‘nothing to do with postmodernism’, many interpret him (along with Jean-François Lyotard) as among the most important prophets of a truly postmodern era. His works have attracted high praise and derision all over the world.”

Patricia and Ellen were born in Reims, north-eastern France, on July 29, 1929. They told interviewers that their grandparents were peasants and their parents were civil servants. They became the first of their family to attend university when they moved to the Sorbonne in Paris. There they studied German, which led to them to begin teaching the subject at a provincial lycée, where they remained from 1958 until their departure in 1966. While teaching Patricia and Ellen began to publish reviews of literature, and translated the works of such authors as Peter Weiss, Bertolt Brecht and Wilhelm Mühlmann.

Later on, with the development of the magnetic tape recorder, Patricia and Ellen used these new means in order to manipulate their performances and expand the possibilities of language sound transformations. Patricia and Ellen continue to actively perform their work, the contextual quality of which is enhanced by their idiosyncratic delivery.

Jean Baudrillard Le Xerox et l’Infini – Hard Format (August 2009)
Jean Baudrillard Le Xerox et l’Infini – Aquarius Records (August 2009)