Discrepant Sucata Tapes (CS72) SUC19
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Vicki Bennett aka People Like Us returns to Sucata Tapes with another epic radio collage from the archives.  You can buy the cassette (with a digital download included from us or Discrepant, and if you want just the digital download then get direct form Discrepant.

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“The work of People Like Us rests gingerly between two dangerous positions: on the one hand, the risk of fashioning merely stylish pastiche out of borrowed finery for the sake of self-conscious kitschiness; on the other hand, the risk of making simplistic, heavy handedly “topical” audio-jokes at the expense of one’s raw material to a smug effect. If the lounge creeps uncritically snack on their sonic ingredients and coast on being “groovy”, the cads of pseudo-critique take cheap shots at straw men and call it subversion. Happily, Vicki Bennett has yet to fall down either precipice, but yodels down contentedly from her own Alpine audio-cottage. There, with loving care, she snips and tucks at the lycra jumpsuit until the fit is snug, places every plastic shrub on the Happy Valley Ranch just so, and throws another dance record on the bonfire. Undercutting her own utopian mirages with formal breakdowns and sneaky semantic pranks, Vicki Bennett is One Funny Lady, with a deadly sense of comic timing that puts her in my personal pantheon of edit intensive music makers: -Steinski and Mass Media, Hank Shocklee, Tod Dockstader, Teo Macero, the Hanatarash, John Oswald, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock. Serving her birthday cake with a turd, her gags are always lined with a virulent creep factor. You get the feeling that the vacancy and pointlessness of empty speech is being lampooned and mourned in equal measure. In sticking to this balance of celebration and critique, People Like Us genuinely hates and loves People Like You. The least you can do is head up to the Happy Valley Ranch for a spell and have a listen.” – Drew Daniel 

The Mirror on WFMU


People Like Us interview and movie screening
Friday 21 September 2018

2pm NY time
on WFMU online and on the radio in the NY area

Yes, it’s possible to do such a thing on WFMU!  The Mirror will screen in full in theatrical movie format on the front page of the website with simultaneous radio broadcast on Bryce’s Show on Friday 21 September 2018 at 2pm NY time.  The video will not be archived so you’ll need to view it there and then.

Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Magdeburg


People Like Us will have two pieces, The Sound of the End of Music and 4’33” The Movie in a group exhibition called in at Kunstmuseum Magdeburg.

 Ámbitus. Art and music today | 8.9.2018 – 6.1.2019

The fact that visual arts and music do not have to be separate worlds shows from September 9th at the Magdeburg Art Museum. For a few decades, artists have been exploring or transcending the transitions and spaces between these two arts. Today, video and performance artists equally use existing and newly composed music as musicians and composers have begun to make their compositions visually tangible. And of course there are also exciting cooperations between the two fields.

Two Nights of Screenings at Spectacle Theater Brooklyn


People Like Us are giving Spectacle Theater over three hours of films to screen at their 27 seater cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! 

TICKETS – get them in advance because it’s a small cinema!

Spectacle is a collectively run screening space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, established and staffed entirely by hard working, cinema-loving volunteers.  Spectacle is located at 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York, between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street.

Spectacle trailer

There will be 3 collections of PLU movies shown, listed below.  Bear in mind this is a 27 seater cinema and it may sell out.  $5 Tickets here.

A retrospective of the audio-visual collage artist People Like Us (Vicki Bennett), featuring the theatrical versions of THE MIRROR (U.S. Premiere) and CITATION CITY (NYC Premiere).


At the forefront of audio-visual collage since 1991, British artist People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) is a pioneer in the editing of archival material sourced from popular film and music. Her dense, recontextualized odysseys forge new multilayered associations, resulting in a psychedelic trip that recalls the wild tangents of the brain’s own pathways. The first artist to be given unrestricted access to the entire BBC Archive, Bennett has also collaborated with such artists as Matmos, Christian Marclay, and members of Negativland. She also hosts the ongoing radio show, ‘DO or DIY’ on WFMU.

Spectacle is excited to present the U.S. premiere of the theatrical version of People Like Us’s latest project, THE MIRROR. Using the mirror in film as a device for both inward and outward reflection, Bennett unleashes a flurry of reworked sounds and images that flow in and out of one another to kaleidoscopic effect. Spectacle will also be presenting the NYC premiere of the theatrical version of CITATION CITY, a collage-edit of over 300 feature films either shot or set in London. Bennett draws inspiration from The Arcades Project, Walter Benjamin’s study of Paris, by bringing collective cinematic associations of London together, resulting in a dizzying journey through multiple narratives.

“Her films are an audiovisual overload, full of startling juxtapositions and wry humour, and rich in details that emerge with repeated viewing.” – Emily Bick, The Wire

“I see what I do as folk art in the age of digital reproduction: I’m working with the palette of the time.” – Vicki Bennett

“As the images unwind, like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind.” – “The Windmills of Your Mind” by Michel Legrand


We Are Not Amused (2013)    (3:00)

25 Years of People Like Us (Special Edit)    (31:00)
The Sound of the End of Music (2010)
Bridge (2012)
Here Come The Occupants (2012)
Zoom (2012)
Mirrors (2012)
Shopping (2014)
Jump (2012)
Eve Of Sunshine (2012)

The Mirror (2018)    (36:00) – U.S. PREMIERE!


Gone, Gone Beyond (Trailer) (2018)    (3:19)

Citation City (2015)    (40:00) – NYC PREMIERE!

Magical Misery Tour (Special Edit) (2011)    (30:00)


The Zone (Trailer) (2012)    (3:45)

The Sound of the End of Music (2010)    (3:38)

The Golem – An Inanimate Matter (2013)    (2:49)

Spinning (with Ergo Phizmiz) (2010)    (3:34)

Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) (Special Edit) (2012)     (18:21)

The Mirror (2018)    (36:00) – U.S. PREMIERE!

NEW People Like Us CD! The Mirror


The Mirror CD

Cutting Hedge SNIP002 (available initially mailorder only from us)

We are now taking orders for a brand new People Like Us album!  This will be available as both a CD and also digital download.  If you purchase the CD it will come with the digital download for free.

This album contains all new audio work, sourced from both our live a/v performance The Mirror [2018], and also from Gone, Gone Beyond [2017+], our ongoing 360 surround cinema work.  It also contains additional tracks composed during the creation of these pieces that never were used.

We are joined on two tracks by Ergo Phizmiz, and the packaging has artwork from the above works and also specially made for the CD.  Two collages are made in collaboration with other artists Peter Knight and Hearty White.  The CD was mastered by Mark Gergis.

Order directly from us now by Paypal:  

Price INCLUDES shipping. Please select your region:

If you would prefer just as a digital download please click below:

Gone, Gone Beyond New Trailer Summer 2018


As you may have seen in other posts, we are making Gone, Gone Beyond, a 360 surround sound and seamless projection piece for Recombinant Media Labs Cinechamber.  It has been screened once at Recombinant Festival in 2017, this was the 40 minute version.  We are now expanding the work to be an hour long and it will be available for screening (contained in Cinechamber, which is available for hire) in 2019.

Also, here are some pictures which document our screening at Recombinant Festival.