Over The Edge Archive – The Happy Fingers Method

Over The Edge – The Happy Fingers Method
December 1998

People Like Us (here from England), Wobbly, and Peter Conheim join me for a live mix generally spinning around the cut up soundtrack of “The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T.” After interviewing PLU and her manager about her music and her new Hollywood movie, “The Tantrum,” we all begin pushing our collective buttons with all our happy fingers for 3 hours of solid irritainment. Beyond the distinctive rantings of Hans Conried and his gaggle of little piano prisoners throughout, there’s no point in even trying to identify it all – just a lot of found stuff from various mediums put together for the fun of weaving pseudo musical fabric out of bits and pieces of sound. A concentrated musical collage for modern radio.
Run time 2h:53m:43s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote