Two film screenings at Merge Festival, London

People Like Us will screen two films at Merge Festival 2011 on London’s Bankside. Both films “Trying Things Out” and “Skew Gardens” are London-themed/based.
Date: 20th October 2011
Address: The Bear Pit, Bear Gardens, SE1 9EB London

Announcing a special evening of Bankside performances curated by The Tapeworm, as part of the Merge Festival.

London Town’s finest cassette-only label, The Tapeworm, presents its third annual event in the Capital. Exemplary music and much excitement is to be expected from a line-up of the label’s mates.

Mr Ken Hollings, a writer of note, shall be reading his text from the first Bookworm publication, to be launched on the same night. Sweden’s BJNilsen will be flying in and making a splendid noise for you all. A second Swede, CM von Hausswolff (he’s a King, dontchaknow…) will share a stage with Touch’s Mike Harding, in a reading of Edgar Allen Poe like none before… Cult vs. occult – former Medicine Head man Peter Hope-Evans and illustrator Savage Pencil will whip up a dark blue storm. Mr Pencil’s fine drawings shall also be on display. Hopping on the bus from Elephant & Castle is Zerocrop and his band; pop perfection from a local lad. And finally, a London eye – video installation by Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us.

Exhibition featuring work by Savage Pencil and Vicki Bennett Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd October 12 – 6pm