People Like Us play new work on Resonance FM

People Like Us take over the airwaves for an hour from 3.30pm-4.30pm (UK time) on Resonance FM on Saturday 28 April 2018 on the Splice Festival Festival Radio Show. This coincides with our forthcoming performance at Splice Festival (12 May 2018).


We will be playing some new work, talking about The Mirror and other current and future projects like The Fundamental Questions, No One Is An Island and Gone, Gone Beyond.  Also we’re previewing a snippet of our collaboration with Hearty White.

People Like Us: Two sections from The Mirror (our new live a/v performance (unreleased)
People Like Us: Big Ben (from Citation City)
People Like Us: Music Of Your Own
YOUR DJ SPEAKS (over Percy Faith: Summer Place ’76 (Theme From A Summer Place)
Vicki Bennett
: I Am A Poet
Group reading features: Jaap Blonk, Dylan Nyoukis, Leo Chadburn, Mark Gergis, Chris T, Bryce Kretschmann, Medaya Ocher, John Aage Nilsen, Abbie Minard, Colleen Lindsay, Simon Faulkner, Scott Williams, Falco Carey, Hearty White, Kurt Gottshalk, Rebecca Schnell, Roslyn Sargeant, Michael Newman, Steven Ball, Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee, Nancy Novotny, MC Schmidt, Adrian Testcard, The Weatherman, Annabel McCourt, HK Kahng, Austin Rich, Tim Maloney, Matthew Curry, Drew Daniel, Alma, Silas and Peter Jaeger, Casper Carey, Paul Abbott, Tom Comitta, Will Edmondes, Catherine Backhouse, Krys O, Elkka Nyoukis, Miller Sargeant, Jhh Löwengard, Mike Lupica, Dan Solenoid, Greg Scharpen, Nick The Bard, Jon Leidecker, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Brancois Bonnet, Andie Brown, Ada Graham-Löwengard, Duncan Harrison, Gregor Weichbrodt and Vicki Bennett.
People Like Us, The Jet Black Hair People, Wobbly and Don Joyce: Bright Giant Love Ball (2000 Announcements on Over The Edge on KPFA, 2000)
YOUR DJ SPEAKS (over Mystic Moods Orchestra: Theme From A Summer Place)
Hearty White: The Mirror (a section from a 50 minute piece to be published later this year, a sister piece to The Mirror by People Like Us)
People Like Us: Section from The Mirror (unreleased)
People Like Us: Section from Gone, Gone Beyond, our 360 seamless surround project 8 speaker project with Recombinant Media Labs/Cinechamber (unreleased)
YOUR DJ SPEAKS (over Mystic Moods Orchestra: Theme From A Summer Place)
Vicki Bennett: Section from No One Is An Island)
Section features: Rick Prelinger, Iain Chambers, Jeff Carey and Falco, Graham Duff, Kenneth Goldsmith, Charlie Lewis, Henry Lowengard, Tim Maloney, Kevin Hamilton, Akāshamitra, Dorian Jones and Lenny, Marcus Boon and Jesse, Saraka, Suddhaka and Sunayaka.
People Like Us, Don Joyce and Wobbly: Section from Baby Makes Three on Over The Edge, KPFA, 2000