Global Eyes by The The – new video by People Like Us

People Like Us have just created the official video for a brand new remix by DJ Food of The Thes Global Eyes, which was performed live at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018.

You can purchase The Comeback Special in various media formats on The The’s website.

In the past, Vicki has created the video for We Can’t Stop What’s Coming (2017) as well as providing the video backdrop for the The The Comeback Special Tour (2018). 

Strictly Kev and his DJ Food Project have been with the record label, Ninja Tune, for over 25 years. He has DJed the world over and mixed hundreds of hours of radio using his 30+ years of experience and vast record collection. His 2012 album, The Search Engine, featured Matt Johnson covering ‘GIANT’ from Soul Mining and he opened for the band during some of The Comeback Special tour in 2018.