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Over The Edge Archive: Another UFO – Disclosure

Over The Edge – Another UFO – Disclosure
23 December 1999

Examples from the way the press USED to report this stuff, and numerous very convincing eyewitness reports, most by commercial airline pilots, which don’t leave much doubt that there sure is SOMETHING out there in the air lanes that doesn’t conform to anything that officialdom traditionally invokes to explain them. I like the pilot reports most of all because they are usually once or twice in a lifetime sightings and these people generally down to earth and know what they are looking at up there. The physical proximity of some of these air to air encounters is truly disconcerting and although we are assured this has happened a lot, few pilots ever come forward before retirement because their employers make it clear that their jobs are at stake if they do. Added to these are some of the approaches to government and the courts by various researchers who want to sue states and the federal government for not protecting us from invasion as promised by the Constitution, immunity for military witnesses and government employees in congressional hearings, establishing public petitions and legal affidavits from eyewitnesses among the public, as well as some interesting experiences and insights from an employee of the Ministry of Defense in the U.K. whose job it was to investigate UFO activity over England. At least they openly acknowledge the possibility…. Of course all this attempted seriousness is constantly choked off in the public sector by that darling of modern media, ridicule.
Run time 3h:7m:38s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – Thanksgiving Leftovers

Over The Edge – Thanksgiving Leftovers
25 November 1999

With various leftover tapes that never finished playing out on recent OTEs and two other Neglanders on board, this is a show with no plan at all. But it’s very good anyway with the Weatherman walking around the streets of Berkeley in the wee hours transmiting to us on his new Cherokee FR460 Family Radio, a coincidental appearance by “family radio” religious celebrity, Harold Camping, who does a lengthy stint taking calls concerning Bible misconceptions, People Like Us from a Thanksgivingless England on one of our Receptacle lines for most of the night, lots of bees, some Weatherman holiday family tapes from 1983, the latest club soda break, and anglo american group singing to end it all. Lots of leftover fun.
Run time 3h:0m:32s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Hate People Like Us Remix Double album

(2CD – Remixes of PLU on Staalplaat, deleted) – 1999
(1CD on Soleilmoon) – 1999 


A01. PLU – The First Record
A02. Negativland – What’s Music?
A03. PLU – People Like Modern Clothing
A04. Farmers Manual – Allinone.Remix
A05. PLU – Next Record
A06. Cyclobe – I Believe In Mirrorballs
A07. PLU – Far Out Listening
A08. Bruce Gilbert – Untitled
A09. PLU – Next Record
A10. Dummy Run – Esoplas & Liflewit
A11. PLU – Uh Dear
A12. Req 1 – Untitled
A13. PLU – Handjob
A14. V/Vm – You Want Some More?
A15. PLU – Ready To Fly?
A16. Sniper – Untitled
A17. PLU – Mmm Perfect
A18. Christoph Heemann – Ursula Fährt Ski
A19. PLU – What A Melody
A20. Death in June – Lycra Rally Remixes
A21. PLU – Pure Seduction
A22. Barbed – Barbed 4 People Like Us
A23. PLU – Move It Baby
A24. PLU – I Am Very Happy
A25. Mr Rotorvator – Barry Bonker
A26. PLU – Last Record
A27. Stock, Hausen & Walkman – Keep Going Wee Wee
A28. PLU – One Final Word

B01. Coil – An Apology
B02. Felix Kubin – Broken Lady Symphony part 1
B03. Felix Kubin – Broken Lady Symphony part 2
B04. Felix Kubin – Broken Lady Symphony part 3
B05. Felix Kubin – Broken Lady Symphony part 4
B06. PLU – Good Joke
B07. Xper. Xr. – Stuff Happens
B08. PLU – Tune It Up
B09. Dummy Run – People Like Us Like People Like Us
B10. PLU – Hello Reg
B11. Venoz [TKS] – The Thawes
B12. PLU – Camel
B13. Rehberg & Bauer – Nicolo
B14. PLU – Technology
B15. Katy Brown – Lewes Is A Long Way
B16. PLU – Stewed Prunes
B17. Boyd Rice – Period Piece
B18. PLU – A Little Drink
B19. Dr P Li Khan – Untitled
B20. PLU – Yodelcuckoo
B21. Sons Of Silence – Cockahoop
B22. PLU – Jesus F Christ
B23. Mika Vainio – Untitled
B24. PLU – People Like Us
B25. Coil – The Gimp / Sometimes
B26. PLU – Drive Carefully


Over The Edge Archive – The Happy Fingers Method

Over The Edge – The Happy Fingers Method
December 1998

People Like Us (here from England), Wobbly, and Peter Conheim join me for a live mix generally spinning around the cut up soundtrack of “The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T.” After interviewing PLU and her manager about her music and her new Hollywood movie, “The Tantrum,” we all begin pushing our collective buttons with all our happy fingers for 3 hours of solid irritainment. Beyond the distinctive rantings of Hans Conried and his gaggle of little piano prisoners throughout, there’s no point in even trying to identify it all – just a lot of found stuff from various mediums put together for the fun of weaving pseudo musical fabric out of bits and pieces of sound. A concentrated musical collage for modern radio.
Run time 2h:53m:43s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – The Sound Of Austria II

Over The Edge – The Sound of Austria II
October 1998

More recordings from “The Sound Of Music” made on and off stage, (counting the money, etc.) and big pieces of the final show in Linz. The attempted Julie Andrews interview, “Oh how happy we will be when we learn our harmony,” receptacle input, participant discussions about how this performance should be done… and how it was done! More Cha Cha, more food, more beer, NPR, the RIAA, underground Austrian elf land from a miniature train, the best parts of show three, and new mixing with material used and left out. Thanks to Staalplaat and Time’s Up for creating this get together – People Like Us, Music Toerist, Barbed, Negativland.
Run time 3h:5m:47s

In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – The Sound of Austria I

Over The Edge – The Sound of Austria I
September 1998

The first OTE broadcast of the live, 7 person jams at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria in which Negativland, Barbed, People Like Us, and Music Toerist participated. Our theme and title was “The Sound Of Music” and we all played it together, and all kinds of other sound related material, for three nights. The first of these two OTE broadcasts is five hours and covers the first two shows (The first show, subtitled “the Sound Connection” was done as a “radio show” from stage for a live broadcast on Austrian State radio FM4, Radio Kunst who also provided Receptacle Phone Access!, and the internet webcast. Contains a lengthy live review of “The End Of Music” by Crosley Bendix, plus some new mixes of stuff both in and left out of the Austrian mixes. This 5 hour show includes much music from the first two shows, along with a lot of tapes made off stage about our trip and being in Austria, and some live mixing of all this material for this radio show.
Run time 4h:53m:58s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – Fake Bacon Breakfast Loop III

Over The Edge Archive – Fake Bacon Breakfast Loop III
June 1998

This final in a series, like the other two, is being sent live to London, England via our semi- phone fidelity teletour box to a temporary art thing radio station, Resonance FM. It’s a loopy breakfast thing because it airs from 8 to 11 am in England. Lots of good piggy mixing between Negativland’s “Smelly Water” (a studio remix/collaboration of/with Chumbawamba’s “Drip, Drip, Drip”), Bob and Ray’s “House of Toast,” a report by Raymond Bien, President of General Injectables, a Weatherman club soda break, there’s hog fat all over the highway, a telephone tape exchange with People Like Us, Dave Emory expounds on a crucial assassination link in the SRL show he witnessed this evening, the Stupid Song, Orson Welles and sincerity, “traffic, weather, changing the refrigerator light bulb, “So tired” loops, and loops that go on forever…
Run time 3h:5m:7s

In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – Fake Bacon Breakfast Loop I

Over The Edge – Fake Bacon Breakfast Loop I
June 1998

The Weatherman, Wobbly, and Dave Emory join Bud Goode for a highly technical and receptacle content infused show. Some discussion on the Teletour concept, as this show was apparently simulcast via phone line to UK radio station Resonance FM.

The Weatherman’s tired. People Like Us phones in. The recurring ‘F-You’ guy keeps calling. Includes riveting episode of What Are We Supposed To Think Now with Tilt Reptilian & Dave Emory.  Random show note: The original donor of Don’s ’78 Nova calls in at around the 35 minute mark.

Run time 3h:4m:56s

In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – OTE in Concert

Over The Edge – OTE in Concert
8 (and 9) April 1998
https://vimeo.com/20861241 (thanks to Puzzling Evidence)

 This show occurred the night before a live performance in San Francisco in which the same people presented “OTE In Concert.” Actually a rehearsal of sorts, this show is divided into three sets – Wobbly and Wetgate play first, then PLU and Don, then all mix together for the remainder of the show. People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) comes all the way from England with a MiniDisc full of samples, Wobbly wiggles the keyboards, and Wetgate runs film loops through multiple film projectors for, in this case, audio only movies. Tellytubbies, Clowns and Ballerinas, McDonalds for girls, torture, and “fuck Lycra” are among our subjects.
Run time 3h:0m:19s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Superstars of sample People Like Us, Wobbly, and C. Elliot Friday of Negativland join forces with projectionists Wetgate to layer lightly at the Cell Space one fine spring night to discern “what’s music?”…

Over The Edge Archive: Advertising Secrets

Over The Edge – Advertising Secrets
March 1998

Beginning with Dr. Norway’s hosting of a Howland Island tourism travelog being tested at focus groups inside One World Advertising, this show cuts up a lot of “DisPepsi syndrome” and Happy Heroes in a lot of revisited roles. A little Roger Waters, “Great Moments” from channel 5, Kaiser Steel makes a comedy record, Lot’s of inventive receptacle including transAtlantic calls from People Like Us in England, (by now, a habit she’s willing to pay for) and more Howland travelog throughout. The price is right. Only infinity left!
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – World Radio World I

Over The Edge – World Radio World I
4 October 1996

A nice three hours of chopped radio content from around the world. Includes Pirate live mix radio from the Netherlands which also supplies an interview with Don about Negativland issues as broadcast on Dutch radio VPRO. Crazily interesting English and Australian disc jockeys, a segment about Russian radio selling out, Japanese Pop and Japanese Noise, French cigarette music, People Like Us, new South African narrative music, Nina Hagen and Nena, short wave, receptacle programming, and more. Two 90 cassettes.
Run time 3h:4m:55s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote

Over The Edge Archive – London Music Falling Down I

Over The Edge – London Music Falling Down I
11 April 1996

On secret orders from Mr. Friday, I made a trip to London and returned with several hand picked radio consultants from the BBC. All these actual English speaking people are here from London to make the Netweb better, elevate programming, and make OTE actually tops in no-top broadcasting. Hosted by famous American, Earthworm Jim, everybody’s on mike commenting on form, style, American quirks, and tea, dunking in and out of a nice, busy mix of all British voices, actualities, disk jockey pranks, Lance Dann’s BBC radio production, a BBC quiz, Radio 1, 2, 3, & 4, Music, News, Weather, and hot tea from the Emerald Sea. And a certain amount of dialect gibberish. A sometimes raucous, sometimes touching tribute to London and it’s music, past and present. Mix includes parts of Scanner, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, People Like Us, Barbed, Art Of Noise, Neil Innes, Crass, Vivian Stanshall, Deaf School, Siouxsie, Marianne, Tom, and more.
Run time 3h:3m:41s
In constant memory of Don Joyce.  https://archive.org/details/ote