OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream on WFMU!

OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream on WFMU 6-10 June 2016, Noon-3pm (EST)
Playlists & archives: http://wfmu.org/playlists/UP
Documentation: https://peoplelikeus.org/2016/optimized-wfmu/

From 6-10 June 2016 Vicki Bennett and John Kilduff were Artists in Residence at freeform radio station WFMU in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

NEW! Documentation Video:

This residency consisted of “Optimized!” – a week-long online a/v radio station which experimented with ideas of what radio might be in the world of high speed internet broadcasting.

The content included 26 new a/v artist commissions selected and programmed by Vicki Bennett, where people were invited to respond to the word “optimized”, John Kilduff’s live “Let’s Paint TV” daily video show which combines, painting, cooking and exercise, and an evening at the station with an in-house studio audience.

John Kilduff and Vicki Bennett Artist Residency – Expanded Radio at WFMU

Noon-2pm: 10 hours of new/exclusive recordings, radio & video by 26 participants. Programmed by Vicki Bennett / People Like Us
2pm-3pm: Daily video shows live from WFMU’s Monty Hall by John Kilduff / Let’s Paint TV – Mr Let’s Paint will take your calls! skype: letspaintwfmu
3pm-5pm: repeat of noon-2pm schedule
9 June 2016: A live expanded radio event at Monty Hall with Let’s Paint TV & People Like Us / DIFM (Do It For Me) with Pseu Braun

Pseu Braun DIFM (Do It For Me) at Monty Hall

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Osymyso on DO or DIY

Wednesday, August 24th 2011, 8pm – 9pm (NY time) on DO or DIY

Falling Out Of Cars Mix by Osymyso

“This is a themed mix about cars, driving, motorways, traffic and all that stuff. It was originally an hour long and used in an installation that showed bits road movies on a loop and as a consequence I don’t think anyone other than myself ever heard it all the way through. So I thought I’d chop it up, add some new bits and hey presto a 20 minute session for DO or DIY.

As ever I struggle with a biog. I’ve got nothing to say, nothing’s really happened of late. No albums or performances to speak of. I’ve mostly been doing things for other people, sound design and all that. I have got some new things nearing completion but no knowledge of how and when they’ll get released. I’m your typical “struggling artist” trying to make ends meet. As I said this time last year I find talking about myself embarrassing because to describe who I am I have to reference work I did over a decade ago and I feel like a sad old failed artist talking about past glories, a bit like Creme Brulee. I need something new and exciting finished that I’m proud of, then I’ll be prepared to blow my own trumpet. For now I just feel like a bit of an idiot.” – Mark, Osymyso


Osymyso session on DO or DIY with People Like Us

Osymyso session on DO or DIY with People Like Us
Wednesday, July 21st, 7pm – 8pm

“I have to say, I’m not very good at writing about myself or my stuff. Am I supposed to do it in the 3rd person? Who knows. Here’s a paragraph for you. Feel free to change it, reduce it, expand on it or ask me to come up with something else entirely. There’s no theory or deep thought gone into this mix, to be honest I was just happy to be doing my own thing for once so it’s just unadulterated nonsense really.” – Osymyso