Osymyso on DO or DIY

Wednesday, August 24th 2011, 8pm – 9pm (NY time) on DO or DIY

Falling Out Of Cars Mix by Osymyso

“This is a themed mix about cars, driving, motorways, traffic and all that stuff. It was originally an hour long and used in an installation that showed bits road movies on a loop and as a consequence I don’t think anyone other than myself ever heard it all the way through. So I thought I’d chop it up, add some new bits and hey presto a 20 minute session for DO or DIY.

As ever I struggle with a biog. I’ve got nothing to say, nothing’s really happened of late. No albums or performances to speak of. I’ve mostly been doing things for other people, sound design and all that. I have got some new things nearing completion but no knowledge of how and when they’ll get released. I’m your typical “struggling artist” trying to make ends meet. As I said this time last year I find talking about myself embarrassing because to describe who I am I have to reference work I did over a decade ago and I feel like a sad old failed artist talking about past glories, a bit like Creme Brulee. I need something new and exciting finished that I’m proud of, then I’ll be prepared to blow my own trumpet. For now I just feel like a bit of an idiot.” – Mark, Osymyso