Borful Tang session on DO or DIY

Wednesday 4th August on WFMUat 7pm NY time

A beacon of light transmitted from his hermetic dwelling in Oakland, California, Borful Tang is proud to bring a gaggle of exclusive new material to the DO Or DIY show. With the help of producer/engineer Dominic Cramp (Evangelista, Vulcanus 68, Qulfus) Mr. Tang has crafted a handful of short narrative pieces compromised of nuggets from his vast vault of found sounds: a news report on the Commodore 64; a warped skipping Jesus record for children; an Austrian synth demonstration DVD; the Sapphire and Steele box set! It is all source material for this fiendish cut-up specialist. And all of it set to a musical interplay that puts him in a class all his own. These pieces are also in support and celebration of Borful Tang’s latest, release, Herd and Unherd, out now on Gigante Sound.
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