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Artist Biography

Under the name “People Like Us,” artist Vicki Bennett has been making work available via CD, DVD and vinyl releases, radio broadcasts, concert appearances, gallery exhibits and online streaming and distribution since 1992. She sees collage as folk art sourced from the palette of contemporary media and technology, with all of the sharing and cross-referencing incumbent to a populist form. Embedded in her work is the premise that all is interconnected and that claiming ownership of an “original” or isolated concept is both preposterous and redundant. Using collage as a compositional tool, Vicki Bennett opens up endless opportunities to experience results that are more than the sum of the parts.   Most of the People Like Us back catalogue has been available for free online since 2002. For many artists, profit and publicity is more likely through free distribution (the gift economy) than independent publishers and distributors, which often struggle with limited resources. Online self-distribution allows an artist to keep their work available, resolving a tension between label production costs and the desire of an artist for work to be available. UbuWeb generously hosts the discography and filmography of People Like Us.

As a solo artist or collaborator Vicki has published more than 40 video projects and 50 audio recordings, with works released by labels including Illegal Art, Rough Trade, Soleilmoon Recordings, Discrepant, Sonic Arts Network and Touch. Vicki’s DO or DIY show on the fiercely independent New York City-market radio station WFMU has run since 2003. Her video work has been screened at Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery, BFI, Purcell Room, Barbican, ICA, V&A. Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Sonar (Barcelona), MAXXI/National Museum of XXI Century Arts (Rome), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis) and Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico City), among other institutions. Video works have been aired on Channel 4 and radio sessions created for John Peel and Mixing It.

People Like Us has been commissioned by Arts Council England, Barbican, Attenborough Centre (ACCA), The BBC, WDR, Deutschlandradio, PRSF, a-n, Great North Run, Sound and Music, Channel 4/Animate Projects, AV Festival, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Recombinant Media Labs (RML), Sonic Arts Network, Forma, LUX and Lovebytes.

To date, Vicki has had 7 solo exhibitions and participated in at least 20 group shows at MAXXI (Rome), Venice Biennale, HMKV (Dortmund), Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico), Hatton Gallery (Newcastle), Vitrine (London), alt.gallery (Newcastle), Greene County Council for the Arts Gallery (NY), Peacock Visual Arts (Aberdeen), Pallant House (Chichester), Engramme (Quebec), La Scatola Gallery (London), Changing Room (Stirling), Franklin Street Works (Connecticut), Usurp Gallery (London), University of Greenwich Galleries, Matthew Gallery (Dundee), Edinburgh Printmakers, Millennium Gallery (Sheffield) Leeds College of Art, Sunbeam Studios (London) and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (NY).

The work of People Like Us has been featured in many publications, including Sounds Like Silence – 4’33’’ Silence Today (Spectre Books 2012), The Journal of Writing In Creative Practice (Vol 7 Issue 1 2015), The Fundamentals of Sonic Art and Design by Tony Gibbs (Ava Publishing 2007), Cutting Across Media by Kembrew McLeod (Duke University Press 2011), Here To Go – Art, Counter-Culture and the Esoteric (Forum Nidrosiae 2014), Incredible Machines by Danny Snelson (avant 2014), Sensations of History (University of Minnesota Press 2019) and she has written for The Wire’s Collateral Damage (February 2012). Vicki has a whole chapter dedicated to her work in Duchamp Is My Lawyer The Polemics, Pragmatics, and Poetics of UbuWeb by Kenneth Goldsmith on Columbia University Press (2020) and a chapter in Different People – Conversations on Art, Life and the Creative Process by Carl Abrahamsson on Trapart (2021).

People Like Us has been reviewed in The Wire, BBC website, Bizarre Magazine, Rolling Stone, Frieze, The Independent, Record Collector, Time Out, Film Comment, The Guardian, The Scotsman, XLR8R, Baltimore City Paper, Sight and Sound, NME, Metro and San Francisco Bay Guardian, and interviewed for Found Footage Magazine (2016), The Observer (2006), Filmmaker Magazine (2015), The Wire (2014, 2011, 2008, 1999), Sight and Sound (2013), a-n Magazine (2012), Wired (2012), RadioWeb MACBA (2010), Sound and Music (2011), Sound Projector (2012, 2000), Bizarre Magazine (1999), NME (1995, 1996). On radio I’ve been interviewed on Late Junction (2016), Soundproof (ABC Radio National 2016), WDR 3 Open Sounds (WDR 2016), Cutting Up The Cut Up (BBC Radio 4 2015), North by Southwest (British Council 2012) PM (BBC Radio 3 2010), Twenty Minutes (BBC Radio 3 2009) and Mixing It (BBC Radio 3 2004). The May 2021 edition of The Wire features People Like Us – both a 30 year retrospective interview and also the cover photo.

Vicki has also curated publications and events: First Person, Fourth Wall (2020), Optimized! Expanded Radio Stream, WFMU (2016), Concert of Collage, Encounters Festival, Bristol (2015), Radio Boredcast, 744 hour radio station, AV Festival (2012), Nothing is New, Everything is Permitted event, AV Festival (2010), Sonic Arts Network CD Smiling Through My Teeth (2008) and a Humour in Music event, Purcell Room for Ether Festival (2002).

Notations, a film for live improvisers toured the UK with TUSK/Sound & Music in Autumn 2013; two films for Animate Projects/Channel 4 television, UK, broadcast as part of their Random Acts series. In 2015, Vicki created A/V performance Citation City, using techniques of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project in relation to London-based feature films. Nothing Can Turn Into A Void – a documentary film about People Like Us has screened in cinemas and festivals since Autumn 2015, and No One Is An Island, a radio work created for WDR, broadcast in April 2016. The Expanded Radio online/virtual commission/artist residency Optimized! broadcast on WFMU in June 2016. Since 2018, Vicki has been touring her solo a/v performance The Mirror, released an album under the same name, which reached No.8 in The Wire‘s albums of the year. Vicki produced the video for the spring 2018 The The Comeback Tour, and was participant in Sound and Music’s New Voices programme, and a-n Artist Bursaries 2019 recipient. The 45 minute radio art commission I Can Fly aired on WDR in Spring 2020.

In 2020, Vicki worked on two new pieces for her solo show as Hallwalls Artist in Residence (HARP), culminating in a solo exhibition First Person, Fourth Wall.

In 2021 People Like Us facilitated and toured Gone, Gone Beyond, an hour-long seamless multiscreen and multi-speakered immersive cinema installation to nyMusikk Oslo, SPILL Festival Ipswich, Attenborough Centre (ACCA) Brighton and London Barbican. Vicki also resumed her radio show DO or DIY with People Like Us on the WFMU Summer Schedule. Vicki also was the cover photo of the May 2021 edition of The Wire magazine.

2022 saw the solo exhibition “MIND MAPS: The Art of Vicki Bennett” at Sheehan Gallery, Walla Walla, USA and also Orfeó Lleidatà Lleda Spain. Gray Area San Francisco screened of Gone, Gone Beyond for three weeks in May, and “108”, a new 22 hour radio piece by People Like Us broadcast on Radio Arts Zone. People Like Us were joined by artist collaborators Gwilly Edmondez and Ergo Phizmiz to perform at The Wire Magazine’s 40th Anniversary event.

Vicki just completed working on a radio commission for Deutschlandradio to be broadcast soon, and recently broadcast a mixtape for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction. She is now preparing more content for Gone, Gone Beyond and researching to create a new live AV performance in 2023. Rhapsody in Glue will be released as a lathe cut vinyl edition in November 2022 alongside longterm collaborator Ergo Phizmiz.


Shorter Bio – Artist Statement
Exhibitions and Editions
Selected Performances and Screenings
Commissions and Awards
Talks, Lectures
People Like Us on bandcamp

Selected Performances and Screenings

People Like Us/Vicki has performed and been screened at hundreds of venues (Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery, the National Film Theatre/BFI, Purcell Room, Barbican, ICA, V&A., BBC Proms, Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Sonar (Barcelona), MAXXI/National Museum of XXI Century Arts (Rome), Venice Biennale, Walker Art Center (Minneapolis) and Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico City)), Venice Biennale, and radio stations – created radioworks for John Peel and Mixing it (BBC Radio) and WDR (Germany), and since 2003 has a radio show on WFMU(.org). Vicki’s work has been archived on UbuWeb since 2003, with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

If you would like to book People Like Us for concerts or commissions please use our CONTACT PAGE.

29 November 2022 – The Mirror at Ubu@50 at Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
26 November 2022 – The Mirror at Festival BBMix Paris https://bbmix.org/
19 November 2022 – The Mirror live at Keroxen, Santa Cruz, Tenerife Spain
5 November 2022 – The Mirror at Intangible Festival, Lleida, Spain
20 October 2022 – The Mirror in Prague at Stimul Festival
1 July 2022The Wire 40: An Evening With People Like Us – live performance: PLU, Gwilly Edmondez and Ergo Phizmiz and short film programme
3 June 2022 – The Mirror at Open Ears Festival, Kitchener https://openears.ca/
21 May 2022 – The Mirror at Index Festival 2022 in Braga, Portugal 
12-27 May 2022 – Gone, Gone Beyond at Gray Area, San Francisco https://grayarea.org/gonegonebeyond/
3 March 2022 – Film Screening of Nothing Can Turn into a Void with Q & A Kimball Auditorium Walla Walla USA
4 March 2022 – Theatrical Film Screening of The Mirror by People Like Us Young Ballroom Walla Walla USA
5 March 2022 – People Like Us & Negativland on the Radio (on the air, no public audience) KWCW 90.5
4 April – 1 May 2022 – The MIrror at A Group Exhibition Curated by Anthony & Graham Dolphin Abject Gallery Sunderland
1 February – 8 April 2022MIND MAPS: The Art of Vicki Bennett – Solo Exhibition at Sheehan Gallery, Walla Walla, USA 
January 2022 – Fourth Wall at 35. Stuttgarter Filmwinter International Short Films Competition
13-16 October 2021 – Gone, Gone Beyond at OSLO Black Box Teater present KinoKammer with nyMusikk  https://blackbox.no/en/e5115e56-702e-41a2-badb-cb21d1626082/
28-30 October 2021 – Gone, Gone Beyond at IPSWICH SPILL FESTIVAL https://www.danceeast.co.uk/performances/gone-gone-beyond-au21/
4-6 November 2021 – Gone, Gone Beyond at BRIGHTON Attenborough Centre (ACCA) https://www.attenboroughcentre.com/events/4028/gone-gone-beyond/
10-13 November 2021 – Gone, Gone Beyond at LONDON Barbican Centre https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2021/event/people-like-us-gone-gone-beyond
15 January 2021 Imaginary Network Topologies 2021 online screening of Fourth Wall
21 November 2020BBMix Festival 2020, Paris (in person, so long as we are able)
6 November 2020 – MAAT, Lisbon – virtual performance of The Mirror
28 July 2020 – 4 August 2020 – Virtual screening (pandemic rescheduling) at Le Nouveau Musée National de Monaco http://4cast.fr/peoplelikeus/NMNM/
Pandemic 2020 – Currently on hold with all performances and converting to live streams where possible
March 2020 – Theatrical Screening (not a concert) WFMU Benefit at Monty Hall, Jersey City
October 2019 – “The Horror!!” at Cafe Oto
October 2019 – “The Mirror” (screening only) and “Notations” with Blectum form Blechdom, Radius Gallery Santa Cruz
September 2019 – “The Mirror” (screening only) at 21C Museum Hotel, Lexington Kentucky
June 2019 – “The Mirror” at Iklectik, London
June 2019 – “The Mirror” and “Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Culture Lab, Newcastle UK
May 2019 – “The Mirror” at Venice Biennale after HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails by Kenneth Goldsmith after the opening reception
April 2019 – “The Mirror” – AFO 2019, AFO, Olomouc, Czech Republic
April 2019 – “The Mirror” – THEATRICAL screening (film, not live), Other Cinema, ATA, San Francisco
March 2019 – “The Mirror” – Musikbrauerei, Berlin
February 2019 – “The Mirror” – THEATRICAL screening (film, not live), The Voix de Ville/ARTxFM Fundraiser, Louisville, Kentucky
November 2018 – “The Mirror” – THEATRICAL screening (film, not live), Recombinant Festival, San Francisco
November 2018 – “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Brighton Cinecity at Fabrica
November 2018
– “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Oslo
November 2018
 – “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Spill Festival, Ipswich UK (double bill with CarterTutti)
October 2018
– “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Berlin HKW “100 Years of Copyright” Festival
October 2018 – “The Horror!!” at Horse Hospital, London
October 2018
– “25 Years of People Like Us” new a/v performance, Oviedo, Spain
October 2018 – “The Mirror” and others (theatrical screening) at Spectacle Cinema, Brooklyn
July 2018
 – “The Mirror” new a/v performance, MACBA Barcelona
July 2018
– “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Gijón Arenas Movedizas 
July 2018
– “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Cafe Oto, London (double bill with Carl Stone)
May 2018 
– “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Splice Festival, Rich Mix, London
April 2018
 – “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham
April 2018
 – “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Cafe Oto, London
April 2018 
– “The Mirror” new a/v performance, Belfast Film Festival, Crescent Arts Centre
April 2018
– “The Mirror” new a/v performance UK Premiere, Greek Film Archive, Athens
April 2018 – “The Mirror” new a/v performance Premiere, FACT, Liverpool
April 2018
– Consequences (One Thing Leads to Another) as a special edition stand alone edit for Other Cinema, San Francisco (April 7)
March 2018
– “Best of PLU” Sounds Like This Festival, Leeds (accompanied by solo exhibition)
October 2017
– World Premiere Screening of Gone, Gone Beyond – 360 surround movies at Recombinant Festival, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco
October 2017
– Screening of various films at Test Dept’s Assembly of Disturbance Festival at Red Gallery, London
October 2017
– Screening of 20 minute artist edit of Citation City at Other Cinema, San Francisco
September 2017
– Concert of selection of previous works at Brighton Digital Festival at Attenborough Centre for the Arts, Brighton Falmer
May 2017 
– week of performances/screenings for school children, Oslo
March 2017 
– Citation City at Hull UK City of Culture (ReROOTed)
February 2017 
– Selection of previous works at Cafe Oto
December 2016
– Shopping from Citation City at Other Cinema, San Francisco
November 2016 – Citation City at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland
October 2016
– Magic (from Magical Misery Tour) and Magic (with Ergo Phizmiz) at Magic Late at the Horniman Museum, London
October 2016 – Nothing Can Turn Into A Void at Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn
July 2016 – Nothing Can Turn Into A Void at Norberg Festival
June 2016 Optimized! Radio Residency at WFMU
May 2016 – Citation City at Delco Festival, Nimes
April 2016
– Citation City at Sonic Protest, Paris
April 2016 – We Are Not Amused screening at Apordoc, Lisbon
April 2016No One Is An Island broadcast on WDR, Germany
March 2016 – Screening of the new Matmos video made by People Like Us at Other Cinema, San Francisco (March 5)
February 2016
 – Friday Late at V&A, London
November 2015
– improvisation at Cafe Oto with M.C.Schmidt and Jennifer Walshe
November 2015
Nothing Can Turn Into A Void at Fylkingen, Stockholm
November 2015
– Citation City at Brighton Cinecity Festival
November 2015 – Nothing Can Turn Into A Void at Brighton Cinecity Festival
October 2015
– Work, Rest & Play at Curtocircuito. Santiago de Compostela Film Festival-Santiago de Compostela
October 2015
CCCitations at Other Cinema, San Francisco
September 2015
– Citation City at Walter Benjamin Now, Whitechapel Gallery, London
September 2015 
– Citation City at Encounters Short Film Festival Bristol UK
August 2015
– Screening of We Are Not Amused at Usurp Zone5 Film Festival, London
April 2015 
– Citation City at SMUP in Parede, Portugal
March 2015 – Screening of We Are Not Amused at Ann Arbor Film Festival
March 2015
– Screening of 4’33” and Notations at group exhibition Drawing Towards Sound, University of Greenwich Galleries, London
March 2015
– UK Premiere of Citation City at Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham
March 2015
– Screening of The Big Sleep at She Makes Noise Festival, Madrid
March 2015
– Screening of The Big Sleep at Other Cinema, San Francisco
January 2015
– Screening of The Big Sleep at Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart
January 2015 
– Citation City world premiere at transmediale
January 2015
– People Like Us & Gwilly Edmondez live improv, Amersham Arms, London
December 2014
– Citation City preview at Cafe Oto London
November 2014 – January 2015
– The Golem at Kunsthall Stavanger
November 2014
 – Movement – Sound – Space Festival, Ostrava, CZ – Plato (Gong) Ostrava – Tribute to WS Burroughs (1914 – 1997)
November 2014
– Screening of We Are Not Amused at Other Cinema, San Francisco
October 2014
– Magical Misery Tour at Gleam Festival, University of Glasgow
October 2014
– Work Rest and Play at Syndicat Mixte Les Abattoirs, Toulouse
October 2014 – 
Notations and Consequences at In Mute Festival, Athens – Onassis Cultural Centre
September 2014 – Notations at High Zero, Baltimore
September 2014
– Notations and Consequences at Monty Hall, WFMU, NJ
August 2014
 – Screening of We Are Not Amused at Sao Paulo 25th International Short Film Festival
August 2014 – Screening of Gesture Piece at the International Program at Seoul International NewMedia Festival in August
August 2014 – Screening of The Sound of the End of Music at Stockholm Music and Arts Festival curated by David Risley Gallery
June 2014 – Screening of Skew Gardens at Gracelands, Dublin
June 2014Exhibition of Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Sheffield Doc/Fest 
May 2014 – Screening of We Are Not Amused at Oberhausen Film Festival, London, entered for the International Film Category competition
May 2014
– Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Hörbar, Hamburg
May 2014
– Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) and artist talk at Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre Here To Go Symposium, MetaMorf
March 2014 
– Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at L’Embobineuse, Marseille, France
November 2013 
– Screening of We Are Not Amused at Underwire Festival, London
November 2013
– Screening of We Are Not Amused and The Golem – An Inanimate Matter at Bradford Animation Festival
November 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Sound of Stockholm Festival
November 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Manchester Kraak
November 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Leeds Hyde Park Picture House as part of Leeds International Film Festival
November 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at London Cafe Oto
November 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Bristol Arnolfini
November 2013 – Tusk/Sound and Music UK tour of NOTATIONS – Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, London and Bristol (see venues above)
Performers: Bill Orcutt, Rhodri Davies, Mark Sanders, M.C. Schmidt, Wobbly, Jennifer Walshe, Tomomi Adachi, Jaap Blonk, Philip Jeck, Steve Noble – support from Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another)
November 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Sound of Stockholm Festival
October 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Lab Festival, Augsburg
October 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Newcastle Star & Shadow
October 2013 – Screening of Gesture Piece at Other Cinema, San Francisco
October 2013 – Screening of Gesture Piece at High Zero Festival, Baltimore
October 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at lab.30 Festival, Augsburg
August 2013 – Artist talk at Liverpool Biennale
June 2013 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Only Connect Festival, Oslo
May 2013
 – Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Nuits Sonores Festival, Lyon
May 2013 
– Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Colchester Arts Centre
April 2013 
– Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another)Tectonics Festival, Reykjavik
February 2013 
Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Play Festival, Madrid
January 2013 
– Premiere of Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) at Transmediale, Berlin
December 2012 – Work Rest & Play at Norwegian Film Institute, Oslo
November 2012 – 4’33” The Movie at Exground Filmfest, Wiesbaden
November 2012 – Clean Your Room at Filmladen Kassel e.V, Kassel
October 2012
 – Clean Your Room at Impakt, Utrecht
September 2012 – Genre Collage at CitySonic, Brussels
August 2012-June 2013 – Cage Silenced and 4’33” The Movie in SOUNDS LIKE SILENCE Cage – 4’33” – Silence 1912 – 1952 to 2012 – HMKV, Dortmund
August 2012 – BBC Proms 47, John Cage – Royal Albert Hall, performing “Branches” and “Improvisations III”
Summer 2012 – Prints of Darkness tours to Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, Scotland
July 2012
 – Magical Misery Tour at Latitude Festival
June 2012 – Magical Misery Tour at Belfast Film Festival
May 2012 – Trying Things Out, Story Without End and Resemblage at Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporain-Strasbourg 
May 2012
 – Magical Misery Tour in Madrid at Caixaforum
April 2012 – The Sound of the End of Music at Image Forum Festival, Tokyo
Spring 2012 – Prints of Darkness purchased for Pallant House Collection, Chichester for inclusion in their collection in 2012
January 2012 – Screening of The Sound of the End of Music, Transmediale, Berlin
December 2011 – Screening of Magic, Kineteca, Madrid
November-December 2011 – Prints of Darkness tours to Engramme, Quebec, Canada
November 2011 – Magical Misery Tour at Cinecity, Brighton Film Festival, UK
November 2011 – Screening The Sound of the End of Music at Filmladen Kassel e.V., Kassel
November 2011 – Magical Misery Tour at Bristol Encounters International Film Festival
November 2011 – Magical Misery Tour at Cork Film Festival
October 2011 – Speaking at RadioVision conference, NYC
October 2011 – Screenings of Skew Gardens and Trying Things Out at Merge Festival, Bankside, London
October 2011 – Genre Collage at Almost Cinema, Gent Film Festival, Belgium
September 2011 – New live set “Horror Collage” premiered at The Sound Of Fear at London’s South Bank Centre.
July-September 2011 – Solo exhibition “The Doors of Perspection” at Vitrine Gallery, London
August 2011 – Skew Gardens, The Keystone Cut Ups and The Sound of the End of Music at Mitternachtskino – Frankfurt am Main
July 2011 – Print edition co-published by Modern Empire and Vitrine Gallery
May-June 2011 – Modern Empire at La Scatola Gallery
May-June 2011 – Prints of Darkness tours to The Changing Room, Stirling (12 May-25th June 2011)
May 2011 – Genre Collage at Auditorium of Rome
May 2011 – “Live Excerpts” at “Expanded Video” exhibition, MAXXI, Italy
April 2011 – More Soup and Tart at The Barbican, London
April 2011 – Genre Collage at Open Ears Festival, Kitchener Ontario
April 2011 – film screenings at Satellite Vitrine Gallery, The Hospital Club, London
March 2011 – The Keystone Cut Ups at Flatpack Festival, Birmingham, UK
March 2011 – Genre Collage and multiple film screenings at Ambulante, Mexico
January 2011 – Genre Collage at Art’s Birthday Party, Swedish Radio, Stockholm
November-December 2010 – Prints of Darkness tours to Matthew Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee
November 2010 – Genre Collage at The British Film Festival, Ukraine
October 2010 – Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
September 2010 – Press Play Film Festival, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
September 2010 – Berwick Film And Media Arts Festival – premiere of The Keystone Cut Ups with Ergo Phizmiz 
August 2010 – Skew Gardens at Lincoln Center, New York as part of UbuWeb evening
August 2010 – Genre Collage at Vintage Goodwood
August 2010 – Genre Collage in the Ukraine presented by Forma and the British Council 
July-Sept 2010 – Prints of Darkness, Edinburgh Printmakers – group exhibition – pic disc LP and print by Vicki Bennett
July 2010 – “Genre Collage” at Bristol Arnolfini in conjunction with Encounters Film Festival
July-Oct 2010 – In The Long Run: 30 Years of Great Running – Great North Museum: Hancock – “Parade” as part of group exhibition
June 2010 – “Genre Collage” at De La Warr Pavilion
May 2010 – “Genre Collage” at Liverpool Sound City, in conjunction with Sound and Music
May 2010 – “Genre Collage” at Musraramix Festival – Jerusalem, Israel
April 2010 – Baltimore Transmodern screening 2010
April 2010 – Issue Project Room, Brooklyn
March 2010 – AV Festival, Newcastle
December 2009 – BFI Southbank, London
December 2009 – Grand Café Zum Rothen Krebsen (IFEK Institut für erweiterte Kunst), Linz, Austria
November 2009 – Night of the Long Worms, Cafe OTO, London
November 2009 – NEW NEW! 2009 – Fleda, Brno, Czech Republic
October 2009 – WFMU Record Fair, NYC
October 2009 – Vancouver New Music Festival
August 2009 – Cafe OTO, London (live with Ergo Phizmiz)
September-November 2009 – Parade (film and two photo works at Hatton Gallery, Newcastle as part of “Hit The Ground”
May 2009– Sonic Recycler, London (screening Skew Gardens)
May 2009 – Vienna Independent Shorts (screening Work, Rest & Play)
April 2009 – sound:frame Festival (screening We Edit Life)
April 2009 – Indielisboa, Lisbon (screening Work, Rest & Play)
April 2009 – Glimmer Festival (screening Work, Rest & Play)
April 2009 – Migrating Forms Festival (NYUFF), New York (screening Work, Rest & Play)
March 2009 – Zemos98, Seville
February 2009 – Rotterdam Film Festival (screening Work, Rest & Play)
January 2009 – Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart (screening Work, Rest & Play)
December-May 2008/9 – Fundacio la Caixa Gallery (screening 3 works)
November 2008 – SPNM hosted concert at Kings Place, Kings Cross, London
November 2008 – Invideo, Milan (screening Work, Rest & Play)
October 2008 – Cork Film Festival (screening Work, Rest & Play)
September 2008 – Experimental Film Video Festival, Seoul (screening Work, Rest & Play)
June 2008 – Sonar, CCCB Barcelona (screening Work, Rest & Play)
May-July 2008 – People Like Us Retrospective Solo Exhibition – alt.gallery, Newcastle, UK
May 2008 – live solo concert, reinterpreting the works of Daphne Oram (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
March 2008 – Screening of Skew Gardens at Curzon, Soho, London
March 2008 – Sightsonic, York International Festival of Digital Arts – National Centre For Early Music – solo and joint A/V concert with artist Ergo Phizmiz
January 2008 – London Short Film Festival (screening Work, Rest & Play)
November 2007 – Live soundtrack to Christian Marclay’s Screen Play, as part of the Wire 25 anniversary series, London
October 2007 – Touch live event, Balham, London
June 2007 – Bilbao Copy Your Idols conference
May 2007 – 3 Screen video premiere of Work, Rest & Play at Millennium Galleries, Lovebytes International Festival of Digital Media, Sheffield
February 2007 – Session for Mixing It, BBC Radio 3
November 2006 – Encounters 12th Annual International Short Film Festival, Bristol (screening of Story Without End)
November 2006 – La Casa Encendida, Madrid (screening of The Remote Controller)
November 2006 – Fundacio La Caixa. Mediateca, Barcelona (screening of Story Without End)
October 2006 – La Blanche Nuit, Paris (screening of Story Without End)
September 2006 – Exis Experimental Film and Video Festival, Seoul, Korea (screening of Story Without End)
July 2006 – Miguel Dias Vila Do Conde ISFF, Portugal (screening of Story Without End)
June 2006 – Sonar Cinema, CCCB Barcelona (screening of Story Without End)
June 2006 – BOOTS – Live collaboration with Ergo Phizmiz – info here
May 2006 – European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck (screening of Story Without End)
April 2006 – Britspotting, Berlin (screening of Story Without End)
April 2006 – Porto at Casa Da Musica, Porto
March 2006 – Photographers’ Gallery, London (screening of Story Without End)
March 2006 – Visual Arts Ipswich, Ipswich (screening of Story Without End) 
February 2006 – Club Transmediale, Berlin (screening of Story Without End)
January 2006 – Le Cube, Paris
January 2006 – Flatpack Festival, Birmingham
November 2005 – Other Cinema, San Francisco
November 2005 – UC Davis, Davis, California
November 2005 – Performance at Leeds International Film Festival
October 2005 – Nulle Part Ailleurs Production (screening of We Edit Life)
October 2005 – Experimentaclub in Madrid 
September 2005 – Etrange Festival at Forum Des Images, Paris
July 2005 – Optronica at The National Film Theatre, London
June 2005 – Mission Creek Music Festival, California
April 2005 – Britspotting, Berlin (screening of The Remote Controller)
April 2005 – Femme Totale, Dortmund (screening of The Remote Controller)
February 2005 – AHRB Centre for British Film and Television, London (screening of We Edit Life and The Remote Controller)
February 2005 – Cinilingus, Belfast (screening of We Edit Life)
January 2005 – Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart (screening of The Remote Controller)
December 2004 – Live concert as part of Christian Marclay’s Sounds of Christmas installation at the Tate Modern, London
November 2004 – Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival (screening of The Remote Controller)
November 2004 – Tromsø Kunstforening (screening of The Remote Controller)
November 2004 – Festival International du Film Independant (screening of The Remote Controller)
November 2004 – INVIDEO, Milano (screening of The Remote Controller)
October 2004 – Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds (screening of The Remote Controller and We Edit Life)
October 2004 – Backup Festival, Weimar (screening of The Remote Controller)
October 2004 – Bath Michael Tippett Centre
September 2004 – Seoul New and Film Festival – Seoul (screening of The Remote Controller)
September 2004 – Barcelona LEM Festival
August 2004 – Chicago Underground Film Festival (screening of The Remote Controller)
August 2004 – Oslo Studio 04 Festival
June 2004 – The Music Hall, Shrewsbury (screening of We Edit Life)
May 2004 – BBC Radio 3 – Mixing It – Live Session/broadcast
April 2004 – Toronto Images Festival 
March 2004 – Virginia Film Festival 
March 2004 – New York Underground Film Festival
February 2004 – First Anniversary of 2003 FACT, Liverpool
January 2004 – Hanger, Barcelona (screening of The Remote Controller)
January 2004 – Rotterdam Film Festival (screening of The Remote Controller)
November 2003 – Work, Work, Work at Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, San Francisco, as part of Matmos’s artist installation
November 2003 – Sample Culture Now at The Tate Modern
October 2003 – Oslo S-, Oslo (screening of The Remote Controller)
October 2003 – Wheels Instead of Hooves, Newcastle (screening of We Edit Life)
October 2003 – City of Women, International Festival of Contemporary Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia
October 2003 – Dissonanze Festival of Electronic Music and Digital Art, at MACROl, Rome
September 2003 – Kino Central, Berlin (screening of The Remote Controller)
September 2003 – The Pompidou Centre, Paris
July 2003 – The ICA, London – screenings of The Remote Controller and We Edit Life as part of their Radical Entertainment season
June 2003 – Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, France
April 2003 – Live performance as part of Cut & Splice (Sonic Arts Network), ICA, London
March 2003 – POL, Frankfurt
February 2003 – Club Transmediale, Berlin at “Maria am Ostbahnhof”
January 2003 – Session for John Peel, for BBC Radio 1
November 2002 – Avanto Festival at Kiasma Centre, Helsinki, Finland
September 2002 – Sound Unseen Festival at The Walker Center, Minneapolis, USA
June 2002 – South Bank’s Meltdown Festival, Queen Elisabeth Hall, London – video commission for Baby Zizanie
May 2002 – Southbank Centre ETHER Festival, Purcell Room, London 
December 2001 – Dysfunktional Beats at 93ft East, London
November 2001 – Laptops Live at the ICA, London
November 2001 – Futuresonic, Manchester
October 2001 – Sydney Opera House, Australia as part of This Is Not Art Festival
June 2001 – London Musicians Collective’s Tenth Annual Festival, Purcell Room, London
June 2001 – Sonar Festival, Barcelona – live collaboration with Matmos (US)
May 2001 – Catalyst/Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast
April 2001 – EMAF, Osnabreuck
March 2001 – Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield
March 2001 – Dingwalls, London in association with Mixing It, BBC Radio 3
February 2001 – London Lux Cinema in association with The Wire magazine
December 2000– Bristol Cube Cinema, in association with The Wire magazine
December 2000– Lisbon Numero Festival in association with Warp Records of London
November 2000– Burning Bush, Dundee Contemporary Arts
October 2000 – Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM)
May 2000 – Brooklyn Experimental Music Festival, NYC
April 2000 – Komedia, Brighton
June 2000 – TransEuropa 2000, Hildesheim
March 2000 – Exit Festival, Creteil
June 2000 – Sonar 2000, Barcelona
February 2000 – Brussels 2000, European City of Culture Festival
January 2000 – Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF) event
October 1999 – Fylkingen, Stockholm
October 1999 – Nottingham Expo Festival
September – Ars Electronica, Linz
August 1999 – Festival of the Regions, Enns
September 1996 – Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF)

UbuWeb new addition: Blather (Pts 1-3)

Another 3 additions to People Like Us over at UbuWeb.  Many thanks Ubu!

Blather (2012)

Blather is a 3 part radio series made specially for Radio Boredcast, taking us on a journey through all the kinds of sounds that the mouth makes, whether that be for artistic, comedy, practical, mind-altering, religious or work reasons.

Radio Boredcast Blather Part 1
Radio Boredcast Blather Part 2
Radio Boredcast Blather Part 3

Full playlists for the above radio shows at http://www.ubu.com/sound/plu_blather.html
Radio Boredcast: http://wfmu.org/playlists/zz


Sounds Like Silence at HMKV

Cage – 4’33” – Silence
1912 – 1952 to 2012

08/25/2012 – 01/06/2013
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

Sounds Like Silence 87

Two works by Vicki Bennett will be included in the exhibition “Sounds Like Silence” at HMKV.

Sounds like Silence (Cage – 4’33” – Silence / 1912 – 1952 – 2012)

On the occasion of John Cage’s 100th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of the premiere of his famous “silent piece” HMKV shows 35 contemporary references to 4’33” from the fields of art and music as well as works that deal with general questions of e.g. perception of silence or sound ecology. The exhibition runs in parallel to Documenta 13 in Kassel.

Sounds Like Silence

Download the pdf of the press release


Sounds Like Silence 01Sounds Like Silence 11Sounds Like Silence 43Sounds Like Silence 33

Radio Boredcast selection in Transmittal exhibition

April 28, 2012 – June 2, 2012
Greene County Council on the Arts (GCCA)
398 Main Street
Catskill, NY 12414

DSC_0090Radio Boredcast at Transmittal exhibitionRadio Boredcast at Transmittal exhibitionRadio Boredcast at Transmittal exhibition

Radio Boredcast, or to be more specific, Vicki’s DO or DIY shows feature in the Transmittal exhibition at Greene County Council for the Arts Gallery, Catskill, USA.
Curated/Organized by: Galen Joseph-Hunter

Organized in partnership with Acra-based nonprofit arts organization free103point9, Transmittal, offers Greene County residents and visitors a window into Transmission Arts. Transmittal is curated by Galen Joseph-Hunter, free103point9’s Executive Director and author of Transmission Arts: Artists and Airwaves (PAJ Publications: 2011.) The exhibition features an international and local roster of artists and organizations whose work celebrates the interdisciplinary nature of Transmission Arts and is made manifest in video, sound, radio, installation, performance, and work-on-paper.


Selection of People Like Us movies in one file

Not sure where to start because there’s too much? Know what you mean. Here’s where to start because there’s too much.

People Like Us
Excerpts from Genre Collage: The Look [2009-2010]
Excerpts from Genre Collage: The Sound of the End of Music [2009-2010]
Excerpts from Genre Collage: Ingrid and Tobor [2009-2010]
Excerpts from Genre Collage: DrivingFlyingRisingFalling [2009-2010]
People Like Us – The Remote Controller [2003]
People Like Us – We Edit Life [2002]
People Like Us – Nothing [2005]
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz – Mull of Kintyre [2010]
People Like Us – Music of Your Own [1999]
Vicki Bennett – Trying Things Out [2007]
People Like Us – Story Without End [2005]
Vicki Bennett – Skew Gardens [2008]
People Like Us – 2″00′ The Movie [2011]