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Music For The Fire now online at UbuWeb

The 2010 collaboration between People Like Us & Wobbly which became the CD “Music For The Fire” is now available for mp3 download at UbuWeb.

The fruit of many years of work, this album began as People Like Us & Wobbly collected and collaged their way through various depictions of misfired communications and heartbreak sourced from popular culture for a series of live improvisations. Music For The Fire is a plunderphonic concept album depicting the lifespan of a relationship, as told through samples of hundreds of different songs and voices who had no idea they were all telling the same story until they were all spliced together.


It is still available for purchase in CD and FLAC form at Illegal Art.

People Like Us & Wobbly – There Goes Nothing

Here’s an edit of a session done for KFJC by People Like Us & Wobbly in 2002.  It formed the foundation for a later release by the duo entitled Music For The Fire.

there goes

01. The Way In
02. Naked Little Girl
03. Sheep Laid Out To Dry
04. Okay
05. Goodbye
06. Woman
07. The Working Title For Our Opera
08. SwingLargo
09. A New Baby
10. Bitter Dregs
11. Pain
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