DO or DIY with People Like Us on WFMU

DOorDIYSince Autumn 2003 People Like Us have been doing a weekly show on WFMU, called DO or DIY. The aim of the show is to mix highbrow with lowbrow to challenge whether there is much difference.  Archived playlists of at least 200 shows from 2003 to the present day can be found at

Vicki Bennett also curated/programmed RADIO BOREDCAST in Winter 2011/Spring 2012. It was first broadcast on and now is archived at WFMU.  More recently, Vicki Bennett has programmed OPTIMIZED!, a week-long expanded radio stream on WFMU 6-10 June 2016.

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About DO or DIY

DO or DIY is a freeform sound art radio show broadcast weekly by Vicki Bennett (project name People Like Us) on WFMU.

The philosophy behind the show is simple. That within the realms of avant-garde and experimental sound art the goalposts defining “accessible” and “inaccessible” are constantly moving. As the radar rises and dips, fragments and shards of underground creations unearth, and popular culture and artist resonate, shifting shapes accordingly with one another in reflections of changing spotlights.

The avant-garde and popular culture rely on each other’s energy. People Like Us collage both “hard to listen” works and popular listening matter, showing that in fact, beyond the restrictions of genre, genre IS the restriction and it is possible to like many kinds of art and music. The key is finding the door – DO or DIY leads the way into new and unusual realms of listening and hope to show the way in.

Each show consists of collages made of sound works from the 20th and 21st century, often layered and looped many times over, resulting in an album type effect on each show.
The pun “All Things Avant-Retard”, a rhyme with “All Things Avant-Garde” literally means All Things Forward-Backwards. Essentially by using sonic extremes and apparent opposites we find some sort of central point or balanced perspective on music and sound.

Suggested Listening: DO or DIY fill in for Ken.

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WFMU are very influential to NYC area record buyers, particularly ones who search for music out of the ordinary. The station was listed as #1 station in the USA by Rolling Stone critics for 4 consecutive years, was voted #1 station at 1999’s Gavin Convention, subject of a New York Times magazine feature, and has gotten accolades from the WIRE, John Peel, Matt Groening & other luminaries. The format covers anything from home cassettes, noise, old country, rockabilly, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic, metal, out-jazz, krautrock, schlock, hip-hop, collage, garage, and pop from all decades. They’ve hosted Senegalese rappers, Japanese black metal bands, Tuvan psychedelic rock groups, Brit folk legends, indie rock darlings, and played about 2000 other genres they can’t even begin to list.

“WFMU is known as an oasis in the airwave desert. While most stations practice one-dimensional ‘narrow-casting’, WFMU embraces everything in the wonderful world of sound.” – SPIN

“WFMU is the best freeform radio station in America.” – NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

“Fantastic website, great archives. It is truly eclectic programming, unlike other stations, which claim to be eclectic.” – MATT GROENING, SIMPSONS CREATOR

“There’s nothing better late at night in this town than climbing into the car and turning on and tuning into WFMU cracklin’ across the river with whatever weird shit they’re playin’ tonight.” – LEE RANALDO, SONIC YOUTH

“Romping through the history of recorded sound, WFMU’s disc jockeys often come up with unbelievable artifacts, revelatory juxtapositions and songs you thought you’d never hear again.” – NEW YORK TIMES

“This is one full-on Limey who believes believes believes that when it comes to transformation through sound, we should support WFMU for their percipient ur-cultural bravado. It’s the 21st century and WFMU is here to celebrate our coming of age!” – JULIAN COPE, MUSICIAN/AUTHOR/HISTORIAN