People Like Us/Vicki Bennett Filmography


The Library of Babel” new live AV performance [2023/4]
“Global Eyes” video for THE THE [2022]
Gone, Gone Beyond” 10 Screen / 8 Speaker work, Stage One complete, Stage Two in progress [2016-2021+]
“Fourth Wall” for Hallwalls Artists-in-Residence Project (HARP) [2020]
Cosmos Song” by Big Fresh [2019]
Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear” (film for improvisers) [2019]
The Mirror” (live performance), [Spring 2018]
The The 2018 Comeback Tour” – video backdrop for the THE THE world tour [2018]
Can’t Stop What’s Coming” video edit for THE THE [2017]
Optimized! Expanded Radio & Artist Residency at WFMU with People Like Us & Let’s Paint TV” documentary [2016]
Optimized! Special: The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon – At Union Square, Manhattan” documentary edited by Vicki Bennett [2016]
Ultimate Care II Excerpt 5” – official video for Matmos [2015]
Nothing Can Turn Into A Void” – documentary film about People Like Us edited by Vicki Bennett and directed by Carl Abrahamsson [2015]
CCCitations” [2015]
Citation City” (live performance) [2015]
“Art Heist” (film – under construction) [2015-]
“The Big Sleep” [2014]
“BLINK” [2014]
Notations UK Tour Travelogue” documentary [2013]
“We Are Not Amused” [2013]
“The Golem – An Inanimate Matter” [2013]
“Gesture Piece” [2013]
“BWPWAP” [2013]
“Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another)” (live performance) [2012-13]
“Free Rod MckMoon” [2012]
“Variations On Jem Finer’s Slowplayer” [2012]
“The Zone” [2012]
“4’33” The Movie” [2011]
“Free (As A Chapel In The Moonlight” [2011]
“The Magical Misery Tour” (live performance) [2011]
“The Atlantic Conveyor” [2011]
“Magic” [2011]
“The Doors Of Perspection” [2011]
“Clean Your Room” [2011]
“The Keystone Cut Ups” (live performance with Ergo Phizmiz) [2010]
“Magic” (with Ergo Phizmiz) [2010]
“The Sound Of The End Of Music” [2010]
“Mull of Kintyre” (with Ergo Phizmiz) [2010]
“Genre Collage” (live performance) [2009-10]
“Induction Is A Draft Is A Gust Of Air” [2009]
“The Look” [2009]
“DrivingFlyingRisingFalling” [2009]
“Parade” [2009]
“In The Waking” [2008]
“Skew Gardens” [2007]
“Ghosts Before Breakfast” (with Ergo Phizmiz) [2007]
“Live Excerpts” [2002-2007]
“Work, Rest & Play” [2007]
“Trying Things Out” [2006]
“Story Without End” [2005]
“People Like Us At The Movies” [2005]
“Resemblage” [2004]
“The Remote Controller” [2002]
“We Edit Life” [2002]
“New Knowledge” [2000]
“Well If You’d Like To See” [1999]
“Burning” [1999]
“Discovering Electronic Music” [1999]
“Music Of Your Own” [1999]

Discovering Electronic Music – an early short film by People Like Us

In the early days of desktop computing with video (1999-2000), People Like Us used relatively primitive techniques of scratch video then Adobe Premiere editing, resulting in a particular lo-fi look which isn’t particularly intentional, but reflective of the process.

Discovering Electronic Music (1999)
“A computer can take over this control work and do it more quickly and accurately than a human being.” The above sentence inspired transforming the source film (also entitled) “Discovering Electronic Music” by collaging it with the horror film “Evil Speak”. The result is a reflection of the overwhelming power of the computer in modern life.

Download the video here

Here are the words:
A computer can take over much of this control work and do it more quickly and accurately than a human being
This computer is connected to and controls envelope generators, filters and electronic oscillators
The composer is telling the computer what kind of sound he wants
Using computer language he is describing a melody he wants to use in a composition
This melody by Bach is one we’ve already heard
The computer can help manipulate this melody in many ways
By using a switch the composer can instruct the computer to play the melody backwards
Or upside down
He can change the pitches
He can play more loudly or softly
(on computer screen):
What are the keys to the kingdom of Satan’s magic?
I, Esteban, have signed the book of death and touched the hand of my master Satan, through the rite of the black mass.
Book of death… sign… book of death… black mass… Esteban… sign… book of death… black mass… Esteban… Esteban… Esteban… Esteban…
Backwards, backwards
(on computer screen):
Satan: here my plea and through the rite of the black mass help me stand erect before my enemy and defy his curse.
(on computer screen):
By the dreadful day of judgement,
By the face of the uholy majesty and
By the beasts before the throne…
By the fire which is about the throne
I conjure and command thee oh prince
of darkness in the name of he who spake
and it was done.
Satan, Lucifer appear forthwith and
show yourself to me.
Consecrated host
Data incomplete
(on computer screen)
Consecrated host
Data incomplete
(on computer screen)
(on computer screen)
Consecrated host
Data incomplete
(on computer screen)
Data incomplete
(on computer screen)
Human Blood
I will return
(on computer screen)
Human Blood
Data incomplete