DOwnloadable DO or DIY DOuble Bill – 2008

It’s that time of the year again, when DO or DIY zip up their bags and… send it right over to you! Indeed, for the two final weeks of the WFMU Summer Season, DO or DIY with People Like Us are giving you an album sized chunk of all things avant retard – a lovely noisy collage, complete with artwork. So listen in live to DO or DIY at 7pm NY Time (that’s midnight UK time) Monday evenings, then go over to the WFMU Blog and grab yourself VOLUME 1 of the Best of DO or DIY for the past year’s broadcasts – or get it below.

Zip file of all tracks, atwork and playlist

or get it separately…

1. Sung Song Glue
2. I’m A Star In NY
3. O Wo Is Mio
4. I Am That I
5. All The Screamers
6. MupPet Sounds
7. We Don’t Go Too Far
8. Tweety Takes A Holiday
9. Look What You’ve Done

Cover art

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